A Cupulatta in Vero, the City of Turtles

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A Cupulatta
Published on 25/07/2023 | Updated 1 year ago
Zoo A Cupulatta - Animals - Corsica
Parc Tortues A Cupulatta VeroTortue A Cupulatta VeroTortue Eau Douce A Cupulatta VeroTortues A Cupulatta VeroParc Tortues A Cupulatta VeroParc Tortues A Cupulatta Vero
A Cupulatta
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A Unique Park in Europe

A Cupulatta
A Cupulatta Vero Turtle PondA Cupulatta Vero Turtle ParkA Cupulatta Vero Turtle ParkA Cupulatta Vero Turtle ParkPark tourPark tour

A Cupulatta means "turtle" in Corsican. Located about twenty kilometers north of Ajaccio, the park has been open to the public since 1998 and to this day, presents the largest collection of turtles in the world. Set in a natural, shady environment, offering the opportunity to eat and picnic, you will be able to observe most of the 130 species (3000 animals) present in the park. Coming from the 5 continents: Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Oceania, the turtles evolve in a protected space. Gathering more than 60,000 visitors a year, A Cupulatta presents a unique and rare collection to the general public, with the aim of safeguarding, studying and protecting terrestrial and aquatic turtles from around the world.

Large Semi-Shaded Private Parking

You will have no difficulty finding a spot in one of the park's two large car parks, which have many spaces in the shade of the trees.

ParkingParkingParkingA Cupulatta Park Welcome

A Small Preview of Some Turtle Species

The A Cupulatta zoological park allows you to observe most of the 130 species of turtles it houses, which can be classified into different families: giant turtles, land turtles, sea turtles, freshwater turtles.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the turtles you will meet at the A Cupulatta park:

Seychelles Giant Turtles

Giant of Seychelles

Galápagos Giant Turtles

Giant of Galapagos

Marsh Giant Turtles - A Cupulatta Zoological Park - Corsica

Giant of the Marshes

Alligator Turtle

Alligator Turtle

Carved Park Turtle

Sulcata Turtle

European Pond Turtle

European Pond Turtle

Northern Map Turtle

Northern False Map Turtle

Hermann's Turtle

Hermann's Tortoise

Red-eared Slider

Red-Eared Slider

Yellow-eared Slider

Yellow-Bellied Slider

Chinese Red-necked Turtle

Red-Necked Chinese Pond Turtle

River Cooter

Concinnity Pseudemys

An Entertaining and Family-friendly Stroll

On a natural site of 2.5 hectares, the discovery of species is made through small paths lined with stones. Throughout your journey, signs will help you better understand the life and secrets of turtles, you will have the opportunity to discover the habitat, diet and reproduction modes of this fascinating reptile! The turtle is an animal that aspires to calm and serenity, so during your walk, you can appreciate the bird songs, the surrounding flora, and even the sound of the water from the river flowing below. You should allow about 1h30 for the walk. You will discover the giant tortoises from the Seychelles or Galapagos, which can weigh up to 250 kg, the magnificent Charcoal tortoises from South America, the Alligator turtle, and many others, not forgetting our familiar Hermann's tortoise. You may even have the chance to witness the hatching of babies!

A well-treed setting equipped with misters for your comfort during the intense summer heat. A park that pleases the whole family and offers unanimous success to both children and adults!

Turtles at the tableEuropean Pond TurtleRed-eared SliderHermann's TurtleSeychelles Giant TurtlesGalápagos Giant TurtleYellow-eared Slider ParkTurtle HabitatTurtle HabitatChinese Red-necked TurtleTurtles eatingSea Turtle

A Passionate Team

Pierre Moisson, the park's director, is a trained veterinarian. Formerly the director of the Mulhouse Zoo, he arrived in Corsica in 2010. Driven by a desire to preserve and reintroduce endangered species, he finds many challenges to meet within the A Cupulatta park, such as the conservation of turtles, providing them with the comfort and quality of life necessary for their reproduction and also transmitting information to the public. As an educator and passionate about his profession, Pierre Moisson wishes to make the park more connected and intuitive in order to enhance the experience and immersion with the turtles. There are exciting projects ahead.

Surrounded by a team of enthusiasts, each person diligently takes care of the animals on site daily. Summer and winter alike, the turtles are watched over and cherished. They peacefully roam in areas where facilities have been created to replicate their natural habitat. During the breeding period, the eggs are collected to protect them from predators. The entire staff works tirelessly to provide optimal living conditions for their "small" wards. Passion, preservation, and transmission seem to be the words that best describe the A Cupulatta teams. Indeed, you will easily notice that the welcome extended to the public is always warm and caring, with the aim of exchanging and sharing knowledge.

The Preservation of Turtles

A Cupulatta

A Cupulatta is not only a park for visitors, but also a center dedicated to the breeding, study, and protection of turtles. Today, turtles are among the most endangered species groups worldwide. They are disappearing due to the pollution of our environment, including pesticides and insecticides, but not only that, a large number of them are killed on roads or during garden maintenance (mowing, clearing...). A Cupulatta houses numerous endangered species within its park, which can thrive in secure places and thus allow their reproduction. Between 400 and 1000 hatches per year take place on the site, which also benefits from a nursery for baby aquatic turtles and a veterinary clinic.

A Cupulatta Vero Freshwater TurtleMatamata Turtle - A Cupulatta VeroFreshwater Turtle - A Cupulatta VeroSeychelles Giant Turtle - A Cupulatta VeroSeychelles Giant Turtle - A Cupulatta Vero

On-site Catering

A Cupulatta Park Restoration
Organic Corsican Ice Cream - PalitosIce CreamsIce CreamsRestorationRestoration100% Turtles Store

You can benefit from on-site catering with local products: Corsican cold cuts and cheeses. But also paninis, fries, ice cream, beverages (pago, coca, fanta, ice tea, mineral water).

You will also find Palitos Corsican organic ice creams as well as Haribo sweets.

Savory / Sweet Menu - On-site Snacks

  • "Cuora" Plate
    3 Corsican cheeses, fig jam7€
    "Pyxis" Plate
    Lonzo, coppa, sausage, butter6.70€
    "Seychelles" Tarte Tatin
    Vegetables + tapenade / vegetables + olives5.50€
    "Matamata" Salad
    Tomato tartare, tabbouleh, cucumbers, feta5.50€
    Goat Cheese Feuilletine
    Tomatoes and olives5.50€
  • U Spuntinu - Galapagos Panini
    4 cheeses: Camembert, blue, goat, mozzarella5.50€
    Chicken: Mozzarella, mustard and mayo5.50€
    Ham: Mozzarella, mustard and mayo5.50€
    Plate of fries4.20€
  • U Spuntinu - Galapagos Panini
    Alligator Croc5.50€
    Hernann Quiche: Quiche Lorraine5€
    Emys Plate: white ham fries5.50€
    Vegetarian Tacos: bell pepper, cheese, avocado, tomato5.50€
    Panini with "faux Nutella" without palm oil3.50€

Numerous shaded picnic spots under trees or parasols await you.

Souvenir Shop in the Land of Turtles

You can take a small souvenir from the park's shop, 100% turtle-themed and at affordable prices. Plush toys, magnets, blue or pink t-shirts for children, thimbles, but also small ceramic turtles made by local artisans.

A Cupulatta Vero StoreA Cupulatta Vero StoreA Cupulatta Vero StoreA Cupulatta Vero StoreCeramic TurtlesStore BooksTurtle Plushies ParkTurtle Plushies ParkTurtle Plushies ParkTurtle Plushies ParkTurtle T-shirt ParkPark Postcards
A Cupulatta


  • Picnic Area
  • Bar / Restaurant
  • Souvenir Shop
  • Accessible to people with reduced mobility
  • Pets allowed on a leash
  • WIFI point
  • Free visits
  • Guided tours on request
  • Groups accepted

Park Entrance Fees

A Cupulatta Park Welcome

The park's prices can be found below:

Adults (from 12 years old)13.00€
Children (5 to 11 years old)10.00€
Young children (under 5 years old)Free
Group ratesOn request
Leashed dogs allowed


Report, photo and video made by Valentine Carré Photographer

Address and Contacts

Phone04 95 52 82 34
EmailSend an Email to A Cupulatta
AddressSur la T20, Direction Bastia, KM21, 20172 Veru
Opening Time or PeriodOpen 7/7 from April to October (including holidays)
1 April to 15 May – From 10:00 to 17:00
16 May to 15 September – From 09:00 to 18:00
16 September to 11 November – From 10:00 to 17:00
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