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A Funtanella
Published on 29/07/2023 | Updated 11 months
Restaurant A Funtanella - Dining - Corsica
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A Funtanella
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Nestled by the river, the restaurant A Funtanella in Zilia offers a refined cuisine prepared by an experienced chef who has worked in prestigious establishments. The dishes are prepared on site for maximum freshness. Service is available for lunch and dinner (except Mondays) with an à la carte and a Corsican menu.

A setting and a cuisine to discover

Restaurant A Funtanella
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Henri and his wife Angélique Antich took over the A Funtanella restaurant located at the bridge at the entrance of the village of Zilia (coming from Calenzana) in 2016. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner from April to October, except on Mondays. Although reservations are not obligatory, they are desirable as the restaurant is often fully booked during the season.

20 Years of Hotel and Catering Experience

Henri is a former hospitality teacher who has been a chef for over 20 years in prestigious establishments in Bastia. Wanting to return to a more down-to-earth adventure, his project materialized through the A Funtanella restaurant, crossed by a river in nature.

Angélique manages the service, reception, setting up the dining room, the terrace, and logistics. As they serve two meals and do not always have a waiter/waitress, the couple's workday starts early in the morning with procurement, meal preparation, and setup, and lasts until the evening.

Homemade and made-to-order

A Funtanella offers you traditional French cuisine and Corsican specialties, with fresh, seasonal products, and a menu that varies according to the arrivals.

Freshness and Quality Products

The menu of the day will be presented to you on the slate with which Henri loves to work to create his menu where everything is homemade. The dishes are generous and the ingredients of quality, including notably Charolais beef.

In addition to the freshness of the products, there's the freshness of the preparations that Henri makes to order. Including sauces, nothing is prepared in advance except for the veal sauté, which needs to simmer for several hours, everything else is made progressively.

A winning gamble that requires great organization and good time management but which is unanimous with the highest rating on TripAdvisor.

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A Funtanella 2024 Menu - Corsican Menu

  • Starters
    Corsican peasant salad€13.50
    Hot goat cheese salad€14.90
    Corsican charcuterie board€13.50
    Corsican cheese board€11.90
    Homemade octopus salad€17.90
  • Main Courses
    Sliced chicken€16.90
    Pork tenderloin with figs€19.90
    Grilled rib steak€23.90
    Grilled beef fillet€26.90
    + roquefort / forest / pepper sauce€3
    Flambéed gambas€24.90
    Child's menu up to 10 years€10
  • Linguine
    Bolognese sauce€13.90
    With Roquefort€13.90
    Octopus in persillade€16.90
    Gambas in Armoricaine sauce€22.90
  • Corsican Menu - €26.90
    StarterFigatellu terrine and its homemade tapenade
    Main CourseVeal sauté with olives accompanied by linguine
    Dessert2 scoops of ice cream (Honey and AOP chestnut)
  • Desserts
    Chocolate fondant€8
    Tarte tatin
    Lemon tart
    Corsican cheese plate
    Scoop of ice cream (Salge): chocolate, lemon, vanilla, fig, raspberry, chestnut, honey€2.60
  • Corsican Menu - €24.90
    Figatellu terrines and homemade tapenade
    Veal sauté with olives and linguine
    Homemade ice cream, AOP chestnut and honey

The menu evolves according to the arrivals, maintaining its base of traditional dishes including the Corsican menu, to which are added the charcuterie plate and the Corsican cheese board.

The homemade ice creams are made by José Salge in Saint-Florent.

For a digestive, you will be offered a myrtle liqueur from Macinaggio in Cap Corse and a small cake from Biscuits de Zilia next door. You will also find the wine from the Alzipratu estate or the Corsican beer Corsina.

Henri particularly enjoys working with octopus. In the summer, he prepares octopus salads that, depending on the progress of the season, vary between salad and a dish in sauce. You will find other summer salads on the menu, and dishes such as thinly sliced poultry, honey and fig pork tenderloin, or flambéed gambas.

Natural Environment and River

Located at the foot of Montegrossu and crossed by the Teghia river, the green and fresh environment is another strong point of the restaurant that takes advantage of this situation by offering a lounge corner in nature, chairs and parasols, as well as a goldfish pond fed by the river. What Angélique and Henri appreciate is presenting the places to their customers before settling them in, always taking the time to chat. You can discover a waterfall as well as a basin where you can bathe, in a quiet and peaceful corner.

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The restaurant A Funtanella, taken over 8 years ago, has been completely redone by Angélique and Henri. The bar is at the entrance, before crossing a small bridge over the river to dine on a terrace in the middle of nature, shaded, or in a room with a large fireplace and bay windows open to the outside.

Event Organization

With a setting conducive to celebrating any type of event (wedding, baptism, birthday, communion), the restaurant A Funtanella offers to organize your reception on its domain by reservation.

Address and Contacts

Phone04 95 56 01 76 - 06 12 25 95 03
EmailSend an Email to A Funtanella
AddressLieu-dit Pardina, 20214 Ziglia
Opening Time or Period1st May to 15th October: Lunch and dinner from 12 pm to 2 pm and 7 pm to 10 pm.
Closed on Mondays.
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