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Published on 19/10/2023 | Updated 7 months
Pottery Caruli - Craftsmanship - Corsica
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Established in Balagne for over 20 years, Carole Fanet runs her Caruli Pottery Workshop in the village of Aregno. She is an art ceramist and creates earthenware objects intended for the kitchen, as well as ceramic jewelry.

Art Ceramist in Balagne since 2001

Ceramist in Aregno
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After living in Cameroon, Nice, New Caledonia, Marseille, and then Corsica, Carole Fanet has put down roots in Balagne. She was introduced to artisan pottery by Antoine Campana—a potter from Corbara—and became an art ceramist in 2001. For 10 years, she was based in Algajola near the seafront arcades, and since 2011, she has been located in the commune of Aregno.

Earthenware Objects for Home and Decor

The Caruli Ceramic Workshop produces earthenware objects in Mediterranean colors:

Candle holder, egg cup, dish, incense holder, bowl, soup plate, flat plate, table set, sugar bowl, oil jar, vinegar jar, cheese bell, candle lantern, digestif glass, pitcher, carafe, coffee cup, mug, salad bowl, vase, pot, flask, cake dish, pie tray, coffee glass, tea glass, mazagran, ashtray, ramekin

Pottery in Vibrant Colors

Each object undergoes two long firings, ranging from 10 to 12 hours. For this reason, Carole takes the weather into account to mitigate any power outages that could interrupt the firing and jeopardize the batch.

Table Art & Decor

Carole's earthenware objects are crafted with an artistic dimension, from shaping to firing and then glazing. Vibrant hues for everyday items: bowls, plates, table sets, artisan cups, glasses, ceramic oil jars, vases.

They are available in various hues, ranging from pearl white to warm red, from atoll turquoise, kiwi green to indigo black.

Food-Safe Glaze

The glazes used to fix the color are food-safe, suitable for food contact, and can withstand both dishwasher and microwave use.

The textures are solid, striated, or combined, glowing brilliantly with light reflections. Other objects are adorned with geometric patterns and landscapes. Combining art with utility, and utility with pleasure, is a part of Carole's philosophy.

Collection u Focu

JugBowlsCarafeRice BowlCoffee SetPotPotBowl à FruitsSalad BowlsBowlsRamekinsGlasses à Liqueur

Collection Atoll

Blue CeramicBowlsCheese BellBowl BleueBlue CeramicGlassesBowlsBlue CeramicBowllles bleuesBowllleBowl

Collection Maghja

Bowl à fruitsSoup Plate, EarthenwareRamekinsGreen CeramicGlassesGreen CeramicBowl

Collection Primavera

BowlsCupCupVaseVaseBowlllesPot à FlowersCup à CaféPottery artisanale

Other Hues

ContainerBowl a fruitsFlaskBowlBowl a fruitsBowl blanc poterie corse caruli aregnoWhite CeramicGlassesBowlsOil ContainerWhite CeramicVinegar ContainerWhite CeramicPot à Flower

Ceramic Jewelry and Decor

Caruli Workshop also expresses its taste for art through compositions of jewelry in various shapes and depictions. Pendants, rings, bracelets, as well as objects ranging from ceramic wall decorations to astonishing black clay sculptures displayed right at the entrance of her workshop.

Ceramic StatuesFishFishCupCupCeramic PendantsCeramic JewelryBijoux PotteryBalagne Aregno Artisan Sculpture

Discovery Workshops

Workshops for discovering ceramics for both young and old, themed around modeling, are organized by Carole by appointment or upon registration for families. A convivial moment of sharing with a passionate artisan.

Mail Order or Online Sales

The workshop is open year-round and offers disabled parking. Carole also takes orders for any item from her workshop; you simply need to make contact via email, phone, or Instagram, or via her website listed below. Customizable objects are then shipped by parcel.

Address and Contacts

Phone06 13 04 31 74
EmailSend an Email to Caruli
Address207 Vigna Alla Nocé, 20220 Aregnu
Opening Time or Period10 am to 12:30 pm and 3:30 pm to 7 pm from June to September
Call for the rest of the year
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