San Larenzu, Restaurant in Aullène and Deli - Bed and Breakfast

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San Larenzu
Published on 10/10/2023 | Updated 9 months
Restaurant San Larenzu - Dining - Corsica
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San Larenzu
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Six guest rooms and a restaurant offering slow-cooked dishes based on Corsican meats; kid goat, lamb, veal, as well as wild pork and charcuterie, all sourced from Laurent and Antoinette's farm, nestled under the chestnut trees of this Alta Rocca village.

Traditional Corsican Cuisine

Dining Room
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Opened in 2018, the San Larenzu restaurant has quickly become an essential destination in Alta Rocca. Its Corsican cuisine and authentic charcuterie beckon for a return visit. Laurent and Antoinette maintain their own pig farm and a small poultry farm, to offer traditional dishes inspired by family recipes.

Opening Period

The guest rooms and restaurant are open from the Easter holidays to the All Saints' holidays, 7 days a week, with lunch and dinner service assured.

Family Recipes

Discover a variety of slow-cooked dishes such as kid goat, lamb, wild pork stew, veal sauté, as well as veal tongue and tripe. These culinary delights are inherited from Laurent's mother. The menu also offers options such as flank steak and rib-eye steak.

Local produce and ancestral recipes make up the secret to irresistibly delicious cuisine. The meat comes directly from the region, including Corsican veal, and the charcuterie is from Laurent's own production, who raises approximately 200 pigs and 58 cattle, in addition to a few goats, his primary vocation. Cheese, honey, and chestnuts are also supplied by micro-region producers, just like the lamb and kid goat.

Through their restaurant, Laurent and Antoinette aim to introduce you to the fruits of their labor as well as the authentic flavors of the local terroir, in a warm setting dedicated to sharing and conviviality.

  • 32€ Set Menu
    San Larenzu Charcuterie Dishter or Warm Goat Cheese Crisp or House-made Pork Terrine
    Wild Pork Stew, Steamed Potatoes, Chestnuts or Cannelloni with Brocciu or Corsican Veal Tripes
    Dessert or Corsican Cheeses
    Corsican Soup at 14€
    Milk-Fed Lamb in Sauce and its Brocciu Ravioli at 28€
  • A la Carte
    San Larenzu Charcuterie Dishter24€
    Warm Goat Cheese Crisp17€
    House-made Pork Terrine14€
    Cannelloni with Brocciu17€
    Wild Pork Stew17€
    Corsican Veal Tripes17€
    Corsican Burger18€
    Linguini with Prawns24€
    Pork Roast with Figatelli18€
  • Homemade Desserts
    Vanilla Crème Brûlée8€
    Salted Butter Crème Brûlée
    Coffee Tiramisu
    Speculoos Tiramisu
    Chocolate Tiramisu
    Chocolate Mousse
    Rum Baba
    Chestnut Flan
    Dishe of Corsican Cheeses8.50€
    Gourmet Coffee10€

San Larenzu Produce

The daily specials showcase Laurent's produce. It's impossible to overlook San Larenzu charcuterie, pork terrines, slices of coppa, lonzu, sausages, and prisuttu as a perfect way to start your meal. The dance of flavors continues with slow-cooked dishes: village chestnut pork stew, beans with figatellu and sausage, milk-fed pig in sauce, pork roast with potato gratin, homemade veal tripe, and wood-fired grilled meat (except in summer). The menu changes daily, featuring perennial favorites that are truly worth the detour.

Garden Vegetables and Fresh Eggs

The family-run restaurant uses produce from their own garden: leeks, chard, onions, parsley, celery, zucchinis, homemade fries and potatoes, strawberries, and other freshly picked fruits and vegetables.

Passionate about their craft, Laurent and Antoinette have a chicken coop with about thirty hens, ensuring a supply of fresh eggs every day.

Cold Cuts and Salads

Prisuttu MelonDishe of Corsican CharcuterieDishe of CharcuterieDishe of charcuterieDishe of charcuterieDishe of charcuterieDishe of charcuteriePrisuttuSaladSaladSaladSalad

Meats - Slow-Cooked Dishes

DishMeatVeal TianuMeatMusselsDishHamburger and FriesHamburgerLamb ShankVeal RoastDishsPaellaCorsican Soup


Tiramisu DessertChestnut CakeTiramisuChocolate MousseHomemade DessertChocolate MousseLemon Meringue PieDessertStrawberry DessertDessertDessertDessertSalad de fruits

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San Larenzu Bed and Breakfast

The six bed-and-breakfast rooms, classified as a Gîte de France, have been in operation since 2001 and are located across from the restaurant. Recommended by Michelin, Le Petit Futé, Lonely Planet, and awarded TripAdvisor's Certificate of Excellence, these five double rooms and one triple room are available for rent from April to October.

All rooms have a private bathroom, television, internet, and are equipped with double glazing. The thick walls of this old building ensure constant coolness in the summer.

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Room Rates

The rates are fixed throughout the year: 90 euros per night for two people with breakfast included.

SPA and Sauna Overlooking the Village

Guests staying in the rooms can enjoy a jacuzzi and a sauna in a mini chalet located on the heights of the property, offering breathtaking views of the entire village and the mountains.

JacuzziSPASPAJacuzzi with Panoramic ViewSaunaCorsican Mountain JacuzziSPA Regulations

Private Parking and Motorcycle Shelter

The San Larenzu guest rooms have their own private and secure parking for your car, as well as a shelter for motorcycles.

San Larenzu Charcuterie - Porcu Nustrale Breeding

San Larenzu Pig Farm
Laurent HenryCorsican PigsCorsican Pig FarmCorsican Breed PigsLaurent HenryCorsican Pig BreedingCorsican PigsBreedingLonziPanzettaCorsican Pork CheekSan Larenzu Charcuterie

Laurent Henry grew up in an agricultural environment, with a father who raised cattle and pigs and passed down a wealth of knowledge. After an agricultural internship in Sartène, he launched his own business in September 2001 through a direct setup in the village of Aullène, in the Alta Rocca region.

The farm is comprised of approximately 200 heads of Corsican breed pigs - Porcu Nustrale. The pigs thrive in an ideal environment that spans acres of forest and chestnut groves.

It's worth noting that Laurent also owns 30 nursing cows, horses, and donkeys.

Between 80 and 100 pigs are slaughtered each year for the charcuterie, starting at the end of autumn. The figatellu is produced from December to the end of February. Other traditional preserved meats include coppa, lonzu, sausage, prisuttu, and panzetta.

You will also find, in winter, head cheese to eat fresh. San Larenzu charcuterie also makes pork cheek, as well as lard.

Direct Sale of Charcuterie and Corsican Product Store

Since 2018, Laurent and his wife Antoinette have opened their restaurant, where the charcuterie served is also available for direct sale. The charcuterie is primarily served in the restaurant and sold directly, but cannot be sold by mail order as the farm does not produce enough.

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Address and Contacts

Phone07 60 06 24 83 - 06 60 11 11 99
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AddressRestaurant San Larenzu, rue de la Poste, 20116 Auddè
Opening Time or PeriodFrom April to October, 8 AM to 10 PM
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