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Stazzu di San Bertuli
Published on 10/05/2024 | Updated 1 week ago
Restoring the fold Stazzu di San Bertuli - Dining - Corsica
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Stazzu di San Bertuli
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Dining at the Shepherd's Hut San Bertuli

Meal at the sheepfold

Located on the trail of the Via Romana, each summer, the Shepherd's Hut San Bertuli of Orezza becomes an essential stop for many hikers. On the mountain trails between Monacia d'Orezza and Parata, whether with family or friends, you will be warmly welcomed by Georges and Marie-Jeanne Grisanti over a spuntinu of cheese and charcuterie from their own farm and that of their son "U San Bertuli", used for the cheese fritters. At this prominent site in Castagniccia, Saint Bartholomew's day is celebrated on August 24 with a procession to the medieval chapel of San Bertuli also spelled San Bartoli or San Bartolu. On Easter Monday, a visit here is also made for the Merendella.

On this quiet mountain ridge, barely disturbed by the tinkling of goats and sheep bells, the sea can be spotted in clear weather. An exceptional setting that regularly attracts the interest of networks like Arte or France 3 Corse Via Stella, or even in the 13h news by the late Jean-Pierre Pernaut on TF1 in January 2019.

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Cheese, Charcuterie, and Fritters All Summer [ Videos]

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From June to August at San Bertuli, cheese production reaches its peak. On the terrace, offering expansive views up to San Petrone, you can sit down to plates of charcuterie, cheese fritters, bread, fig jam, and refreshments. You can also buy goat or sheep cheese on site.

In the past, Georges and Marie-Jeanne produced cheese up at the San Bertuli shepherd's hut and then went down to the village to sell it. Access to the two trails, maintained annually, gave them the idea to develop the site into a welcoming and discovery place with the medieval chapel of San Bertuli. The success was such that all their production was sold without having to go down all season. In October, the chestnut and new charcuterie month, Marie-Jeanne and George open their Santa Cristi Farm Inn in the village of Casabianca.

Cheese Sales at the Village of Casabianca

Cheese sales continue throughout the rest of the year in the village of Casabianca, including brocciu in season. For this, you need to go down to the place called Querceto, where George and Marie-Jeanne will welcome you. During the holiday season, for your Christmas or Easter meals, you can reserve a kid goat or a lamb by contacting Georges and Marie Jeanne a few weeks in advance.

Breeders and producers, the Grisanti shepherds have been grazing sheep and goats on this mountain for 38 years, with a pastoral tradition that is passed down from generation to generation.

Easter Monday - A Merendella

Featured on Via Stella on March 28, 2016, the report on the Merendella di San Bertuli recounts this tradition that continues in the mountains of Castagniccia.

The Trail - San Bertuli of Orezza

Two hiking trails lead to the San Bartuli shepherd's hut, one starting from the village of Parata and the other from the church square in Monacia d'Orezza which you can find on the map or by calculating the route from your starting point. Both accesses are equivalent, with a walk of about 1h15 among oaks and chestnut trees. The medieval chapel of San Bertuli is perched on a mountain ridge at an altitude of 1074 meters, and steeped in history dating back to the Middle Ages that Georges and Marie-Jeanne Grisanti can share with you. It is also a place of worship where a tradition on August 24th sees pilgrims from all over the region gather to share their devotion.

Period and Reservation

In the summer, from mid-June to mid-September (call before visiting), you can visit San Bertuli every day without a reservation if you are with family. If you are coming in a group or with many people, it is preferable to book by phone rather than by email due to limited network coverage. Outside the peak summer season, meals are also available on certain dates for which it is better to call in advance to inquire with Marie-Jeanne and Georges Grisanti.

Farm Inn on Weekends

This is a project that Georges and Marie-Jeanne had wanted to realize and which came to fruition in 2019. The creation of a farm inn that welcomes you every Saturday (noon and evening) and Sunday noon with a unique menu that changes week by week. The products of Georges and Marie-Jeanne will thus be featured throughout the year with their production of cheese and charcuterie.

Visit the village of Casabianca (Hamlet of Quercettu) to taste traditional Corsican cuisine and farm products from Castagniccia. Reservations are not required but recommended.

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