Traveling to Corsica, by boat or by plane?

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Plane or Boat?
Posted on 11/06/2024 | Updated 1 months
Plane or Boat?

The Cost of Transportation in Your Vacation Budget in Corsica

The price of transportation to the island constitutes a significant portion of the vacation budget for a family, a couple, or a solo traveler. This concern is heightened with each booking, exacerbated by the economic situation, and is being addressed head-on by political and professional stakeholders on the island. This is evidenced by several recent articles, including one from Corse Matin published on May 17, 2024, which mentioned the idea of a 30% reduction on airfares for travelers coming from the mainland. This offer could materialize in 2025.

Considering this reality, there are levers available to reduce the cost of tickets and attempt to travel more economically.

Whether by plane or by boat, the options for getting to Corsica boil down to these two possibilities.

The Choice of Air Travel: Fly to Corsica


This is the most direct way to avoid losing a night or half a day on a ferry, especially for weekend getaways. Numerous routes are available year-round to major cities (Paris, Marseille, Nice, Nantes, Toulouse, ...), and increase in number during the season to other destinations, including abroad (Rome, Brussels, ...).

Discover the various Corsican airports, the airlines that serve them, and the flight conditions, in this article: Flying to Corsica.

The Choice of Maritime Travel: Your Journey to Corsica by Ferry


A night crossing by boat always has the allure of a cruise and captivates children who will find playrooms on board, can watch the departure and arrival of the boat from the deck, and marvel at the vast expanse of the sea stretching to the horizon. In practical terms, this mode of transport offers more independence as you can embark with your vehicle and carry more personal belongings.

Thousands of crossings connect Corsica and the mainland each year, via numerous ferries from different maritime companies. Find out everything you need to know before embarking to Corsica by boat.