Rutali, 466 Population  35 to 1151 meters 1711 hectares

Rutali - Corsica

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Rutali is a small mountain village in the Nebbiu region of Upper Corsica, located on the southern slope of Bevinco at an altitude of 525 meters and connected only to the village of Murato.

Religious and Historical Heritage

A Madonna di e Piane

A Madonna di e Piane

The statue of the Virgin Mary - A Madonna di e Piane - marks the entrance to the village of Rutali after the junction leaving the D82 towards the D305. It lies on the boundary between the communes of Rutali and Olmeta di Tuda, located in the latter.

The villagers of Rutali attach great importance to it and contributed to its restoration on May 3, 2003, following a lightning strike on September 28, 2002. For its reconstruction, masons from the village of Rutali used local stones, and the statue was blessed by Father Pietrotti, the former parish priest of Rutali.

The original statue was erected in 1951 after the war and was blessed by the priest of Venzolasca - Father Albertini - who was present alongside Father Pietrotti at its restoration in 2003.

Fontaine di i Pantani

Surgente di i Piani Spring

The source di i Pantani flows under a rock covered with small natural cavities and moss. It was channeled by a fountain in 1983 and bears a stone plaque inscribed in Latin "O Crux ave, spes unica" (Hail, O Cross, our only hope). It is located at the very beginning of the Trà aghje et Pagliaghji trail.

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