Sea and River Kayaking

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Discover Corsica by Kayak

One of the oldest types of boats, the kayak hasn't really changed since its inception in the Arctic regions 4 millennia ago. Easy to manoeuvre, it's an all-terrain mode of navigation that will take you where boats cannot venture.

Turquoise Water Coves

Sail on the waters of the Scandola Reserve by Kayak and enter a marine cave for unforgettable memories. The sea kayak is the ideal means of navigation to glide between the rocks and sneak into tight spaces.

Sea Kayak or River Kayak

You can take advantage of the snowmelt before summer (March/April) to make river kayak excursions while the water level is still high. A unique scenery where you will pass Genoese bridges and descend the course of rivers and streams of the Isle of Beauty.

A sport that can be practiced a larger part of the year depending on the weather, the decked kayak offers sea outings that can last several days, with a stock of food and belongings. The landscapes change completely between the vastness of the sea and the treasures of the coastline.

Solo or Duo Decked Kayak

Unlike the river kayak, which is single-seater, the sea kayak is available in both a single-seater and a double-seater version. The main difference is that the single-seater kayak offers greater freedom of action and better manoeuvrability, while the double-seater requires some coordination. Beyond that, the choice boils down to whether you want to navigate alone or in pairs.

Itinerant Stays or Kayak Rental

Whether you want to experience the joy of gliding for a few hours, or go on an adventure for several days, kayaking is now accessible to everyone and to all tastes.

Renting a kayak will allow you to try this sport for an hour, half a day or the entire day (or more), in total independence. If you want a total immersion through kayaking, itinerant stays are offered by professionals and supervised by state-certified instructors. They can last a day or a week, even more for the most experienced.

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