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Glassware Atraverre - Craftsmanship - Corsica
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Atraverre is a Corsican glassware shop located in Calvi. In her workshop, Virginie Torrelli—a glass artisan—creates handmade glass jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, as well as art objects in glass with sparkling reflections. The shop is located on the right-hand side, 30 meters from the entrance of the Citadel of Calvi.

Shop at the Citadel of Calvi

Shop Atraverre à Calvi
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Founded in 2010, the artisanal glassware Atraverre came to life in the region of artisans in Balagne, a true crucible of talents. After her studies in Martinique and having acquired the National Diploma of Art and Techniques from the Regional Institute of Visual Arts, Virginie Torrelli initially worked in graphic design before finding her calling in glassware under the guidance of a master glassmaker in Paris.

Open Every Day

The shop is open from Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. The hours may vary according to the season; you can find them on the glassware's website under the points of sale section, at the bottom of the page.

Fused Glass Maker

Virginie is a fused glass maker, employing the fusing technique, which consists of melting the glass by assembling pieces across multiple layers to form a single piece. The glass's contour is shaped through thermoforming using a mold to give the glass its shape.

The Atraverre Glassware shares the shop at the Citadel of Calvi with Marie Restitude from Jewelry By Bulles

and Martine Sanchez from Seconde Vie Creation, three artisans offer a greater variety of choices at the heart of the Calvi Citadel.

Shop à la Citadelle de CalviShop à la Citadelle de Calvi

Award for the Ladies Open of Calvi 2023

Ladies Open Calvi 2023 Trophy

Virginie crafted the trophy for the Ladies Open of Calvi 2023 in collaboration with Eaux de Zilia, as well as the trophy for the Calvi Nautical Club.

These works employ a universe of reflections and colors, with light playing on transparencies.

Ladies Open Calvi 2023 TrophyLadies Open Calvi 2023 TrophyLadies Open Calvi 2023 Trophy

Handcrafted Glass Jewelry - Home Decor - Art & Deco

Virginie creates glass sculptures, picture holders, lamps, vases, and table art, as well as Corsican handcrafted glass jewelry: rings, pendants, earrings, and the Eye of Saint Lucy whose symbol is etched in ink and gold. Each piece is unique and sometimes comes with a small note or a quote evoking tenderness, humor, or reflection. From resplendent glass jewelry to radiant lamps that warm up a room, it's a world of a thousand glimmers made up of interplays of light and color that can be found at the Calvi shop.


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Wall Clocks, Wall Lights, Lamps

Wall ClockLight FixtureDecorative Light FixtureHandmade Glass LampHandmade Glass Lamp

Dishes, Cake Dishes, Trivets

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Jewelry: Earrings, Pendants, Necklaces, Rings

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Art & Deco

DecorGlass Painting - Citadel of CalviDecor poissonDecor féeDecorrationDishe decoDisheVaseDishe dessous de platDecor - Sapin de NoëlDecor poissons en verreDecor poissons en verreGlass AnimalsGlass AnimalsDecor étoiles en verreGlass AnimalsDecor poissons en verreDecor en verreGlass AngelDisheau apéritifDisheau apéritifDisheau apéritifGlass CowGlass GoatGlass PigGlass OwlRed Glass FishGlass FishPhoto HolderPhoto Holder

Please note that due to shipping conditions, the flattened glass bottles are no longer available for Colissimo shipping but remain available in the shop.

Combining Glass with Wood and Metal

Wireframe objects are a marriage between glass and metal, or the inclusion of a steel wire in the glass to provide structure or functionality, as in the case of picture holders. Virginie also collaborates with local cabinetmakers to combine glass with driftwood, resulting in even more original and artistic creations—objects with brilliant hues that create interplays of light when paired with lamps.

JewelryNecklaces - Pendants - Earrings - Bracelets - Brooches - Rings
Interior and DecorMirrors - Lamps - Candle Holders - Wall Lights - Light Fixtures - Magnets - Soap Dishes - Clocks - Sculptures - Paintings
KitchenDishes - Dishes - Appetizer Trays - Trivets - Salad Bowls - Fruit Bowls - Appetizer Tray made from recycled Pietra bottles
UtilitiesVases - Containers - Mobiles - Chimes - Trays

Step-by-step Creations


Different Types of Glass Used

Virginie uses lead-free powdered enamels, liquid gold, steel, aluminum, and kanthal for four types of glasses, the use of which depends on the object being made:

Window Glass

The window glass, as its name suggests, is used for windows and glazed windows. It is also known as float glass, or "float glass" in English.

Bottle Glass

This glass, made from recycled bottles, has an ecological aspect. It also offers a wide range of colors depending on the bottles used.

Artistic Glass

This is specialized glass for the fusing technique; it is also known under the name of American glass.

Dichroic Glass

This glass is especially luminous, useful for making certain decorative objects like lamps.

Mail Order and Online Sales

Atraverre Glassware offers the possibility to order online through its website or by phone.

Each item is protected during shipping. Payments by check and wire transfers are accepted, as well as by credit card.

Return to Calvi After 6 Years in Pigna

First established in Calvi from 2010 to 2017, Virginie Torrelli moved the Atraverre store to the alleys of Pigna in 2017, above the A Casarella restaurant. Her workshop remained in Calvi for the creations that require space, including large bell ovens for melting glass.


  • 2010: Establishment in Calvi on Sainte-Marie Street
  • 2017: Store moved to Pigna
  • 2020: Creation of a new store in Calvi Citadel in addition to the one in Pigna
  • 2023: Closure of the Pigna store, keeping only the one in Calvi Citadel

Promoting Corsican Craftsmanship

The glass artist closely collaborates with other craftsmen from Balagne, blending their expertise. She is also involved on an associative level, being a former president of the Balagne artisans' association, Strada di l'Artigiani, and currently serving as vice-president.

Workshops for Children Starting at Age 7

Atraverre introduces children to the magic of glass through introductory workshops where they learn to assemble glass and patterns. Virginie then collects each creation to heat it in the workshop before returning it to the children once completed.

Other Photos

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Address and Contacts

Phone06 86 61 98 40 - 04 95 55 70 69
EmailSend an Email to Atraverre
AddressPigna : Stretta di de Franchi, 20260 Calvi
Citadelle de Calvi : Citadelle de Calvi
Opening Time or PeriodApril to mid-October: 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
October to April by appointment
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Adresse : Pigna Citadelle de Calvi

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