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Piazzoli Jean-Pascal Charcuterie in Linguizzetta

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Charcuterie Piazzoli Jean-Pascal
Published on 19/01/2024 | Updated 5 months
Corsican charcuterie Charcuterie Piazzoli Jean-Pascal - Gastronomy - Corsica
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Charcuterie Piazzoli Jean-Pascal
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Artisanal Corsican Charcuterie Since 1985 - Video

Artisanal Charcuterie
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In the eastern plain in the commune of Linguizzetta after Alistro towards Aléria, Jean-Pascal Piazzoli - breeder producer of Corsican farm charcuterie for 37 years - works with his wife Marie-Jeanne. They have been joined by their sons, thus perpetuating the family know-how.

The family business was created by Jean-Pascal's aunt who, upon retiring, entrusted the family affair to Jean-Pascal and his wife Marie-Jeanne. Together, they do everything from A to Z, breeding, fattening, charcuterie; only the slaughtering is done at the Ponte-Leccia abattoir.

Piazzoli charcuterie was featured in the program "Météo à la carte" on France 3 in February 2021.

Pig Farming in the Wild

Jean-Pascal Piazzoli

The farm consists of 6 sows, 20 piglets, one boar, and 80 porkers that roam in the commune of Linguizzetta in the wild.

Corsican PigsCorsican PigsCorsican PigsCorsican PigsCorsican PigsPig Feeding

In Production

Marie-Jeanne and Jean-Pascal only produce dry charcuterie, namely figatellu from December to March, sausage, lonzu, coppa, prizuttu (Corsican ham), panzetta, bulagna sold until the entire annual production is sold out.

Below, some images taken during the preparation of figatelli, as well as photos of the different salamis: prisuttu, lonzu, panzetta, bulagna.

Figatellu MakingFigatellu MakingFigatellu MakingSaltingLonzi PreparationPanzetta and BulagnaCharcuterie PreparationCharcuterie PreparationLonzi Preparation

Direct Sales - 2024 Prices

Artisanal Charcuterie

The Linguizzetta shop is located below the Piazzoli family's home. It is open all year round and offers direct sales of charcuterie (subject to availability), with prisuttu and belly available by order only.


The prices of the charcuterie have changed little, with some prices remaining the same. Despite being severely impacted by the doubling of animal feed costs and gas prices, Marie-Jeanne and Jean-Pascal have tried to reflect the effects of inflation on their prices as little as possible, choosing notably to grow their own grains, including triticale. With the help of their sons, they hope to make this agricultural investment profitable while gaining autonomy in light of the volatility of food prices.

Bravone Market

Every summer from June 1st to September 1st, Jean-Pascal and Marie-Jeanne can be found at the Bravone market where, every Thursday from 8 am to 1 pm, the artisans of the region gather.

Parcel Shipping - Dispatch throughout France

Piazzoli charcuterie is shipped by parcel throughout France. The shop also has a small grocery section with Corsican products like wine, honey, and Linguizzetta mustard.

Resellers in Marseille

Jean-Pascal and Marie-Jeanne have sales outlets in Moriani and in Marseille, where you can purchase their charcuterie through resellers (Don Simoni). For any direct orders, feel free to contact Marie-Jeanne directly, who will be happy to respond to you promptly and efficiently.

Address and Contacts

Phone04 95 33 40 56 - 06 47 54 35 87
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AddressLieu-dit Giustiniana, 20230 Linguizzetta
Opening Time or PeriodAll year round
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