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Allevu u Porcu Cappusgiu
Published on 17/03/2015 | Updated 1 year ago
Corsican charcuterie Allevu u Porcu Cappusgiu - Gastronomy - Corsica
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Allevu u Porcu Cappusgiu
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Corsican PDO cold meats - Porcu nustrale in Loreto-di-Casinca

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François Albertini was initiated by his father since he was born about cold meats production, he took over the familial tradition by elaborating Corsican PDO quality cold meats for 29 years.

The breeder producer holds his delicatessen located in the village Loreto-di-Casinca. Corsican pigs farm, “porcu nustrale”breed, grows up in an environment with oaks and chestnuts, with 150 pigs just fed by chestnuts and acorns for a part of the year.

Meticulous in every stage of production, François Albertini opens the doors of his establishment where figatelli, sausages, hams, head cheese and other traditional Corsican delicacies, but also blood pudding and an excellent “pâté de porc” are refined.

Each room plays a special role. For instance, the figatelli is refined thanks to chimney fires. Everything is carefully sorted and organised.

Only by François Albertini the escaping smell of an authentic pig farms where traditional cold meats are produced can escape. Everybody guesses the know-how and the work necessary to reach this quality.

Allevu-U-Porcu-Cappusgiu cold meats have PDO label for the prisuttu, the lonzu, and the coppa.

Delicatessen in the village – market in the Rousse-Island and in Bastia

François Albertini is responsible for the whole production chain, from the breeding to the processing and then the sale of his Corsican cold meats since 1988.

In addition to the delicatessen in Loreto-di-Casinca, the breeder-producer is also on the market in the Rousse-Island and and in Bastia for direct sale.

Mail orders – Packages

If you wish, you can also provide the Allevu-u-Porcu-Cappusgiu cold meats by contacting François Albertini by telephone for a mail order. He will take your address and send your products by post that you will receive quickly at home. It is possible to pay by cheque.

Address and Contacts

Phone06 72 47 75 10 - 06 12 35 70 28
EmailSend an Email to Allevu u Porcu Cappusgiu
AddressLoreto di Casinca : Place du village, 20215 L'Oretu
Bastia (En Hiver) : 7 Bis Notre Dame de Lourdes (2 rues derrière la Poste)
Opening Time or PeriodLoreto di Casinca : All the year
Bastia (En Hiver) : Novembre à avril, Mercredi et Vendredi de 9h à 12h
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Adresse : Loreto di Casinca Bastia (En Hiver)

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