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La Roulotte
Published on 06/12/2023 | Updated 8 months
Organic shop La Roulotte - Gastronomy - Corsica
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La Roulotte
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The Roulotte is a collection of 3 organic Corsican stores, located in Bastia Furiani, Ajaccio Mezzavia, and in the eastern plain between Valle di Campoloro and Cervione. Organic grocery, natural cosmetics, and 100% organic fruits and vegetables are available for you, including Kokopelli seeds and other carefully selected products.

The Roulotte Furiani - Opening Hours - 100% Organic Store in Furiani

Organic Store la Roulotte in Bastia Furiani

The three La Roulotte organic supermarkets, open Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm, are located at:

  • Bastia: La Roulotte Bastia in Furiani, RN 193
  • Ajaccio: La Roulotte, Route de Mezzavia
  • La Roulotte Prunete in Valle di Campoloro, lieu di Padullone (Plain of Cervione)

The three respective sites of La Roulotte

La Roulotte - Bastia FurianiLa Roulotte - Ajaccio MezzaviaLa Roulotte - Valle di Campoloro

Note that La Roulotte also operates a tour in Balagne once a month (the penultimate Thursday of the month), on orders from its customers at defined meeting points.

Organic SectionOrganic SectionOrganic Fruits and VegetablesOrganic Bread - Farina BakeryOrganic Christmas Chocolates StoreOrganic Olives AntipastiLa Roulotte Bastia FurianiLa Roulotte Bastia FurianiLa Roulotte Bastia FurianiLa Roulotte Bastia FurianiOrganic Dark ChocolateMineral WaterFresh Organic Products StoreOrganic Cheese Store

Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Eating organic and local is what La Roulotte stores offer, working with Corsican organic producers and those from the mainland to promote proximity and short supply chains with seasonal fruits and vegetables. In general food, a wide range is available to you with cheeses, ready-made meals, rice, pasta with orwithout gluten,organic bread, as well as dried fruits (almonds, Cervione hazelnuts, raisins, walnuts). Mineral waters (including Saint Georges in glass bottles), fruit juices like the Corsican orange juice Babbone Rossu, but also Corsican coffee, ororganic wine A Peracciafrom the Peri plain.

Butternut SquashOrganic ApplesOrganic Green and Red CabbagesOrganic Leeks StoreFresh Organic Onions StoreBroccoliOrganic Parsley StoreOrganic Squashes StoreArugulaOrganic Apples magasinOrganic Fruits StoreSwiss ChardSpinachOrganic StrawberriesOrganic RadishesOrganic Artichokes StoreOrganic Corsican ClementinesOrganic Nuts Hazelnuts Almonds Walnuts

Typically Corsican Products

Throughout the seasons, you will find typical Corsican products, such as chestnuts and Corsican clementines in autumn, Corsican organic strawberries, as well as salads and lettuces, spinach, Corsican artichokes depending on availability, along with processed products (Corsican jams, biscuits, canistrelli).

Corsican ChestnutsCorsican Organic StrawberriesCorsican Clementines
Golden, Pink Lady, Ariane, Royal Gala, Juliet or Granny apples, Pears, Apricots, Avocados, Bananas, Chestnuts, Peaches, Oranges, Grapefruits, Corsican Clementines, Strawberries, Raspberries, Cherries, Watermelons, Melons, Peaches, ...
Leeks, radishes, tomatoes, salads, potatoes, artichokes, carrots, asparagus, zucchini, squashes, butternut, pumpkins, eggplants, beans, cucumbers, red cabbage, green cabbage, curly kale, onions, garlic, lettuce, spinach, chard, ...

Non-Hybrid Organic Seeds

For gardening, your organic store in Furiani also sellsnon-hybrid, reproducible organic seedsKokopelli, for the vegetable garden.

Seeds Organic Store la Roulotte FurianiKokopelli Organic Seeds la Roulotte Furiani

Vegan Products

A wide range of products is available for vegan and vegetarian individuals, such as ready-made meals, soy and vegetable steaks, plant proteins as well as protein bars, and other recipes without animal products.

Organic Vegan Proteins StoreOrganic Protein Bars Store

Organic Grocery

  • Savory Grocery
    Herbs and Spices: Aromatic herbs, Broths, Spices, Parsley, Basil, Mint, Thyme, Marjoram, dried herbs, Chips, aperitif biscuits
    Seasoning Condiments: Mayonnaises, Sauces, Antipasti, Green and black olives, Broths, Yeasts, Mustards
    Canned Goods: Vegetables, Tomatoes, Fruits, Olives, Meats, Fish, Vegetable pastas
    Cereal Derivatives: Semolina, Bulgur, Bran, Couscous, Soy derivatives
    Flours: Chestnut, Rye, Buckwheat, Rice, Kamut, Soy, Mixes, Bread preparation
    Creams, Spelt, Wheat, Binding starches, Precooked flakes
    Cakes: Corn, Spelt, Wheat, Kamut, Mixes, Rice
    Seeds: Millet, Quinoa, Oleaginous, Mixes, Cereals, Sprouting seeds, Oils, Legumes
    Breads and rusks: Rusks, Toasted bread, Special breads, Precooked breads, Sandwich loaves
    Pastas: Half whole, White, Spelt, Specialties, Whole
    Spreadable pastes: Vegetable, Animal
    Ready meals, Soups, Pancake mixes, Asian products, Dehydrated products, Nut butters
    Rice: Semi-whole, White, Whole, Sauces, Salts and minerals, Vinegars
  • Sweet Grocery
    Bread and pastries, Snack bars, Biscuits and cakes
    Brioche and viennoiserie: Brioches, Croissants, Others
    Breakfast Cereals: Muesli, Puffed, Crunchy, Flakes
    Chocolates: Milk, White, Raw, Dark
    Jams and Compotes: Compotes, Jellies, Purées, Preparations, Creams, Jams
    Cooking Creams, Dessert Creams, Custards, Flans
    Dried Fruits: Packaged
    Honeys and Pollens: Corsican
    Spreadable Pastes, Sugars, Sweeteners
  • Fresh Products
    Algae, Butter, Margarine, Charcuterie, Fresh Cream, Essenes, Ferments
    Cheeses: Corsican
    Cottage Cheese, Patty Escalopes, Sprouted Seeds, Milks, Eggs, Pie Doughs
    Fresh Pasta, Pastry, Gluten-free Fresh Dishes, Fresh Prepared Meals
    Fishes, Vegetarian Products, Mixed Salads, Lactose-Free
    Sauces and Seasonings, Meat
    Yogurt Desserts: Cow's Milk, Goat's Milk, Sheep's Milk, Plant-Based
  • Beverages
    Alcohols: Digestifs, Aperitifs, Chips, Antipasti, Green and Black Olives
    Chocolate Drinks, Plant-Based Beverages
    Coffees: Ground, Pods, Soluble, Decaffeinated, Utensils, Beans
    Mineral Waters: Sparkling, Flavored, Still
    Juices: Vegetables, Mixes, Flowers, Fruits
    Syrups, Sodas, Iced Teas
    Teas and Infusions: Infusions, Teabags, Herbs, Utensils
    Wines: Rosé, Sulfite-free, White, Champagnes, Sparkling, Muscats, Reds
    Plant Proteins, Protein Bars

The Roulotte is a 300 square meter organic supermarket where you will find all the grocery products you need.

Organic JellyOrganic Spread Choke NutOrganic Dark Chocolate KaokaOrganic Basmati RiceOrganic Chocolate DardenneOrganic Pepper StoreOrganic JamOrganic Clementine JuiceOrganic Almond Milk StoreOrganic Almond Milk StoreOrganic Chocolate MilkOrganic Oil VigeanOrganic Vinegar StoreOrganic Olive Oil StoreOrganic Syrup MeneauOrganic Syrup MeneauOrganic Corsican Wine StoreOrganic Wine StoreOrganic Goat Milk StoreOrganic Goat Milk StorePrimeal Wheat FlourOrganic Fruit Juice StoreOrganic Pasta StoreOrganic ShopFresh Organic Products Store

Organic Dietary Supplements

On your left as you enter the store, you will find a dietary supplement section for well-being, health, or weight loss, particularly in the form of dilutable ampoules. Products from organic brandsNutriVie, SuperDiet, Dietaroma, Fitoform.

Organic Fruits and Vegetables
Organic Dietary SupplementsOrganic Dietary SupplementsOrganic Dietary SupplementsOrganic Dietary SupplementsOrganic Dietary SupplementsCosmetics
Immune Reinforcement
Tonus & EnergyRoyal Jelly, Acerola
Immune DefensesRoyal Jelly, Honey, Pollen
Slimming Aspect
Organic DrainerRenal elimination, based on Hibiscus, Ash, Mouse-ear Hawkweed, Meadowsweet
Organic BurnerWeight Loss and Management, based on Green Tea, Green Coffee, Guarana, Fucus, (Papaya, Oat Bran)
Blood CirculationActs on blood pressure, based on Olive, Hawthorn, Red Vine, Meadowsweet
DesmodiumPromotes hepatic function
Lime Tree SapwoodDigestive well-being: digestion, drainage, elimination
Liver ProtectionMilk Thistle Organic (Liver Protection), Artichoke Organic (Liver Well-being), Black Radish
Light LegsBased on herbs (NutriVie). Fluidilège (SuperDiet)
Dynasil ArticularHelps to relieve joint tension, strengthens bones, based on organic and natural silicon.

Dietary Advice

The store prioritizes quality including within organic products, offering advice on each product as in dietetics or body care. A specially reserved dietary space with a consultant awaits you, offering the opportunity to taste 100% organic tea or infusion if desired.


Hygiene and Beauty

Beauty and Well-being
Accessories, Mosquito Repellents, Clays, Jewelry
Dietary Supplements: Amino Acids, Mycology, Allergies, Anti-oxidants anti-aging, Colloidal Silver, Joint Care, Feminine Well-being, Cholesterol Heart, Circulation, Urinary Comfort, Digestion Liver, Bach Flowers, External Care, Male Disorders, Vitality, Acid-Base Balance, Sexuality, Vision Eye Protection, Slimming Elimination, Intestinal Hygiene, Syrups Tablets Sprays, Omega 3, Vitamins Minerals Oils, Sleep Relaxation, Skin Nails Hair, Memory Concentration, Mother Tinctures, Gemmotherapy
Cosmetics: Body Care, Face Care, Men's Care, Makeup Removers Cleaners, Masks Scrubs, Hand and Foot Care, Eye and Lip Care, Cosmetic Bases
Diffusers, Floral Waters, Essential Oils
Incense, Vegetable Oils
Room Fragrances
Baby: Jars, Pastas, Preparations, Compotes, Milks, Diapers Accessories, Toys, Health Well-being

In the Hygiene and Beauty section, you will find everything you need for your bathroom, from organic toothpaste (for adults or children), shampoos, to hair coloring dyes.

  • Organic toothpaste for adults and children (Melvita, Argiletz, Weleda, Phytonorm, Logodent)
  • Organic Corsican soap (Atelier Altagna, Regalu di Dolcezza), Marseille soap, Black Soap
Organic Toothpaste StoreCorsican Organic Soap StoreCorsican Organic Spirulina Altagna Soap Store

Organic Diapers for Babies

For toddlers and babies, find theecological diapers Tidoo, as well asfluoride-free toothpastesuitable for children from 3 years old.

Organic Diapers Store

Natural Cosmetic Products

Organic Fruits and Vegetables

In its 3 stores, La Roulotte also offers a choice of products dedicated tobeauty, hygiene products, organic and ecological cosmetics to take care of your body and health naturally, like the Immortelle Corsican Beauty Balm Oliambru. You will benefit from the assistance of well-being advisors available from 9 am to 7 pm, Monday to Saturday. Products for homeopathy will also allow you toheal with plants.

La Roulotte also organizes the intervention of professionals, especially cosmetic professionals like Realia.

Oliambru, Beauty BalmOrganic Dietary SupplementsBiokap Hair DyeOrganic Immortelle HydrosolIncenseOrganic Essential OilsNatural CreamNatural CosmeticsCosmetics realia

Household Products Sold in Bulk

At the back of the store, near the mineral waters, you will find natural household products with a deposit container that you will pay for only once. You can also bring your own container which will need to be tared.

  • Active powder laundry detergent: neutralizes stains and dullness
  • Citric acid: powerful natural descaler, multi-purpose household product, eliminates limescale and rust stains
  • Baking soda: Ecological cleaning product, gentle abrasive and degreaser
  • Dishwasher tablets: Hydrosoluble packet with active oxygen. Degreases and shines
  • Floor cleaning product, lemon verbena scented floor cleaner.

You will also find shampoo and organic shower gel sold in bulk.

Laundry Detergent BulkHousehold Products BulkShower Gel BulkShampoo Bulk

Organic Products on the Move

La Roulotte commits to good practices and does not hesitate to communicate them to you, inviting you to discover, for example, its Qwetch stainless steel flasks, which keep cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours.

Qwetch Stainless Steel Bottle

St Georges Glass Water Bottles

To combat the use of plastic, particularly in mineral water bottles, La Roulotte and Saint Georges now offer the option to buy mineral water in glass bottles since 2019.

The supermarket remains at the forefront of innovation, especially in introducing you to natural treatments such as mycotherapy, where mushrooms serve our health by stimulating our immune system and overall vitality, beneficial in some cases of allergies and many other pathologies.

Saint Georges Glass Bottle Water

Quality Commitment

The store maintains the spirit of its beginnings through a rigorous selection of products subject to regular controls.

To reduce transportation in a local economy logic and for the benefit of the planet,organic Corsican productsare favored as well as respect for seasonality. The store selects its suppliers based on the trust they inspire, their approach, and their ethics, to truly offer you the best in Organic.

Wooden Pallets Available for Free Pickup

At the back of La Roulotte store, you will find wooden pallets available for free. You can also use the store's crates and boxes to transport your groceries.

Pallets to Give Away Store

Virtual Tour of the Store in 2014

Historical Players in Organic Foods

Pioneers oforganic in Corsica, La Roulotte stores were founded thanks to Christa Duren, originally from Germany and settled in Corsica since the 1980s. The Swiss, Austrians, and Germans were the first to concern themselves with food quality in the 1950s-60s in reaction to the generalization of synthetic treatments derived from research on chemical weapons from World War I.

It was in the 1990s that organic products arrived from beyond the Rhine. Christa Duren, who worked in a camping site, noticed the recurring requests of German tourists for organic products they were accustomed to consuming. In 1988, the first La Roulotte was created in San Giuliano, followed by requests for deliveries all over Corsica. This success led to the opening of the first organic store in Ajaccio in 1993, covering an area of 500 square meters, followed by La Roulotte in Furiani in 2001 of 300 square meters, and more recently theRoulotte Prunette in Valle di Campoloroin March 2018.

Address and Contacts

Phone04 95 34 47 08 - 04 95 22 69 47
EmailSend an Email to La Roulotte
AddressFuriani : Lieu dit Canale, RN 193, 20600 Furiani
Ajaccio : Route de Mezzavia
Cervione : Prunete, T10
Opening Time or PeriodFuriani :
Ajaccio : Lundi au Samedi de 9h à 19h
Cervione : Lundi au samedi de 9h à 12h30 et de 14h30 à 19h
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Adresse : Furiani AjaccioCervione

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