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Charcuterie du Nebbiu
Published on 10/05/2024 | Updated 1 week ago
Corsican charcuterie Charcuterie du Nebbiu - Gastronomy - Corsica
Saucissons corsesCharcuterie corse artisanaleLaboratoireDomaine navarra charcuterie du nebbiu AOP santo pietro di tenda corseCharcuterie du Nebbiu
Charcuterie du Nebbiu
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For three generations, Nebbiu Charcuterie - SCEA Navarra - has been producing AOP Corsican charcuterie in the village of Santo Pietro di Tenda in Nebbiu, available for direct sale or by mail order. Since 2020, Navarra Estate has also been organizing Weddings and events.

SCEA Navarra - For 70 Years

Navarra Estate - Nebbiu AOP Charcuterie - Santo Pietro di Tenda

A family business since 1954 in the village of Santu-Petru di Tenda, Nebbiu Charcuterie - certified AOC/AOP in 2018 - has perpetuated expertise from generation to generation.

A tradition that François-Frédéric Navarra continues in the footsteps of his grandfather, father, and uncle. It was 14 years ago, in 2010, that the young producer took over the farm in the village of Santu-Petru di Tenda, preserving the family recipe and the authenticity of this artisanal Corsican charcuterie, with the goal of continuing to develop and expand the pig breeding.

This vision was realized with the opening of the new laboratory at the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024.

Navarra EstateNavarra EstateNavarra Estate - Nebbiu Charcuterie AOP - Santo Pietro di TendaNavarra Estate - Nebbiu Charcuterie AOP - Santo Pietro di Tenda

New Laboratory in the Santo Pietro Plain

Artisanal Charcuterie Production - Charcuterie Laboratory - Santo Pietro di Tenda

At the beginning of 2024, Nebbiu Charcuterie - EARL Navarra, now SCEA (Société Civile d'Exploitation Agricole) Navarra - moved into its new premises. A workspace of 1600 square meters dedicated to charcuterie, including cutting rooms, drying, curing, and aging areas.

Navarra Estate - Nebbiu Charcuterie - Santo Pietro di tenda - CorseNavarra Estate - Nebbiu Charcuterie - Santo Pietro di tenda - CorseLaboratoryArtisanal Corsican CharcuterieControl System for PiecesSausage CuringArtisanal Corsican CharcuterieArtisanal Corsican CharcuterieCorsican CoppaWhole Prisutti - Nebbiu CharcuterieNavarra Estate - Nebbiu Charcuterie - Santo Pietro di tenda - Corse

Organized Tour of the Farm

The farm offers tours by appointment where you can discover the principles behind the making of Corsican charcuterie.

Corsican Pig Farming

The farm consists of about 400 pigs, including 2 males and 20 females designated for breeding. The pigs are born, raised, and slaughtered in Corsica. The production of this farmhouse charcuterie is carried out from start to finish by François-Frédéric.

Nebbiu Pork for Charcuterie from Santo Pietro di TendaCorsican Pigs for Artisanal CharcuterieNebbiu Charcuterie

Corsican AOC Charcuterie

Saucissons corses - Nebbiu Charcuterie

The production of Nebbiu Charcuterie is also located in the center of the village of Santo-Pietro di Tenda, in a large building where François-Frédéric operates his laboratory, working and transforming the charcuterie into Lonzu AOC, Coppa AOC, Panzetta, Prizuttu AOC, Sausage, and Figatelli starting from late November.

Corsican CoppaSaucisses corses - Nebbiu CharcuterieCorsican Coppa

The Corsican ham - prisuttu - is sold with an aging period of up to 36 months. The prices of the charcuterie - lonzu AOP, coppa AOP, sausage, prisuttu AOP, figatellu in winter - are available on-site or by phone, whether you are a private individual or a professional (restaurant, grocery store, reseller).

Delivery Across Corsica

Charcuterie delivery starts from Santu Petru to serve the entire region up to Cap Corse, as well as in Balagne and the eastern plain.

Direct Sales and Mail Order

Nebbiu Charcuterie is available year-round for direct sales in the village of Santu-Petru di Tenda, as well as in several grocery stores or food shops such as at Annie Traiteur in Calvi, Le Panier d'Annie in Porto Vecchio, Tavonu in Porto Vecchio, at épicerie Fine A Casuccia in Murato, at Leclerc in Oletta and at the 4-star Hotel La Roya. It can also be found in Oletta at the restaurant Auberge le Montana.

The charcuterie is also sold by mail order to the mainland, with products vacuum-packed and sent by chronopost parcel. Payments by check and cash are accepted.

Navarra Estate at Oletta - Wedding Reception

Launched in 2020, the Navarra Estate located in the plains of Oletta near Lake Padula has already hosted numerous weddings in two seasons, and is nearly fully booked for 2023.

Set in a 100% outdoor rural environment with a stage and dance floor, the venue can accommodate up to 500 people on its lawn and in its park dotted with olive trees. It also features a stone bar.

Corsican Meat on the Spit

The Navarra Estate will offer veal and/or pork on the spit as well as farmhouse charcuterie, in addition to your catering service or in collaboration with other professionals. With already two full seasons of operation, the Navarra Estate, as evidenced by the messages of thanks, will do everything possible to ensure your event is a great success.

Wedding Organization - Corsica - Conca d'OroWedding Organization - Corsica - Conca d'OroWedding Organization - Corsica - Conca d'OroNavarra EstateMariage au Navarra Estate à OlettaMariage au Navarra Estate à OlettaMariage au Navarra Estate à OlettaEvent ReceptionsWedding ReceptionWedding ReceptionWedding ReceptionWedding ReceptionWedding Reception

In addition, the Navarra Estate hosts all types of events:

  • Wedding
  • Baptism, Communion
  • Birthday
  • Party, Music Evening
  • Private Evening

Address and Contacts

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Address20246 Santu Petru (di Tenda)
Opening Time or PeriodAll year round
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