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Cosmetic Realia - Wellness - Care and Beauty - Corsica
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Natural Corsican Cosmetics since 2004

Realia Cosmetic Shop
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Agricultural engineer and cosmetologist, Muriel Crestey initially settled with olive trees, the olive oil of which is the basis for cosmetic transformation.

After obtaining a DESS in biomedical sciences and a certificate in the toxicology of cosmetic products in the early 2000s, Realia was created in 2004, as the first insular cosmetic brand.

2004 - 2024: 20 Years of Realia

The Corsican cosmetic company will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year in 2024, an occasion to organize contests and give away many gifts.

Radio Speaker on RCFM for 9 Years


Muriel Crestey has been a speaker at RCFM on the beauty and well-being show from Monday to Friday (or Thursday in winter) at 10:42 am and in replay at 5:41 pm. Two minutes of beauty and well-being advice, especially available with the show's podcasts on RCFM's website.

Regularly, Realia provides access to beauty and well-being tips.

Dry Skin AdviceDry Skin AdviceDry Skin AdviceDry Skin Advice

3-Star Slow Cosmetics Label

A testament to its environmental, ecological, and responsible commitment, Realia boasts a 3-star Slow Cosmetics label, an international label. There are only four establishments in Europe holding the same grade. A cosmetic excellence distinction that involves mastering the entire production chain, direct and online sales, and a commitment to ecological respect and territorial integrity.

The Realia Range

Hand Cream
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Creams Specialist

Realia creams are the flagship products of the insular brand: Hand cream, sensitive skin cream, face cream, foot cream, and children's body cream.

Body Oils

Discover an exclusive range of Corsican cosmetics with olive oil, a key ingredient that nourishes and protects your skin. The massage oils, enriched with this precious essence, offer a unique sensory experience, reflecting the authenticity and purity of Corsica.

Realia also uses its massage oils in its wellness area. Body oils as well as shaving oils for men, and for women.

A Prime Spot for Other Cosmetic Brands

The store hosts products from other island brands like the Soapnerie du Nebbiu, or the essential oils from Essences Naturelles Corsica.

Soap Soapnerie du NebbiuEssential Oils Natural Essences CorsicaFloral Water Natural Essences CorsicaFloral Water Natural Essences CorsicaSoap Liquide

Product Prices

  • Anti-Aging Products
    REAPROTECT, antioxidant day cream, Rosemary30ml€39
    REAGENERE, regenerating night cream, Corsican Immortelle30ml€39
    REANUTRI, evening nutritive serum for eyes and lips, concentrated Immortelle30ml€42
  • Sensitive Skin Face
    FACE COMFORT, dry skin, olive concentrate30ml€29
    FACE BALANCE CREAM, Combination to oily skin, orange fluid30ml€29
    REACNYL, Acne-prone skin gel, rosemary30ml€25
    MYRTLE RADIANCE, peeling scrub mask, wild myrtle powder50ml€25
    CLEMENTINE SOFTNESS, cleansing fluid, face and eye makeup remover, clementine100ml€22
  • Sensitive Skin Body
    BODY COMFORT MILK, olive extracts100ml€22
    HAZELNUT BODY MILK, anti-dryness cream, Cervione hazelnuts100ml€22
    REPAIRING OIL WITH MAQUIS SCENTS, irritated skin, sunburn, Corsican immortelle100ml€20
    CHILDREN'S SOFTNESS, soothing, anti-dryness, orange blossom nectar100ml€32
    REACALM, soothing, mosquito bites, irritations, broadleaf plantain30ml€16
    SHAVING OIL, legs, bikini, underarms, lemon grapefruit, vanilla50ml€26
    PRO MANU, damaged hands cream, Corsican honey wax30ml€16
    DOLCE MANU, Daily hand fluid, wax, honey, Corsican lemon30ml€16
    REAPEDI, dry feet, sweating, fungal prevention, eucalyptus extracts50ml€25
  • Men
    SHAVING OIL, water mint15ml€10
    AFTERSHAVE TONIC, soothing, water mint50ml€16
    PROTECTIVE FLUID, face, water mint30ml€30
  • Well-Being
    TONIC MASSAGE OIL, back and muscles, rosemary50ml€16
    RELAXING MASSAGE OIL, feeling of fatigue, Corsican immortelle50ml€17
    SOOTHING MASSAGE OIL, mind, small clementine grains50ml€18
    DRAINING MASSAGE OIL, lightness, vitality, Corsican immortelle, sea fennel50ml€18
    SENSUAL MASSAGE OIL, awakens the senses, lemon, grapefruit, vanilla50ml€18
    BATH OIL, nourishing, decongestant, laricio pine50ml€18
  • Fragrances
    ANCHORAGE, eau de parfum, burnt orange flower30ml€32
    BEACH PARTY, summer water, water mint and vanilla30ml€22
    SENSUALITY, summer water, grapefruit, lemon and vanilla30ml€22
  • Realia Gift Sets
    RELAXATION WITH MAQUIS SCENTS, tonic massage + relaxing massage + bundle of linen€33
    BATH AND WELL-BEING, tonic massage + bath oil + bundle of linen€34
    MEN'S SHAVING, shaving oil + After shave + Cream sample€26
    MEN'S SHAVING AND CARE, entire Men range + Massage sample€56
    FACE SOFTNESS, clementine softness + Myrtle radiance + Bundle€39
    DOLCE VITA, body comfort milk + Relaxing massage + Bundle€39
    SENSUALISSIME, Reaprotect + Reagenere + Reanutri sample€78
    LUMINOUS BEAUTY, Reaprotect + Reagenere + Clementine softness + Myrtle radiance + Reanutri sample€125
  • Facial Care
    Myrtle brightness boost30mn€30
    Myrtle brightness boost + blackhead extraction with rosemary60mn€60
    Anti-aging facial care with immortelle60mn€60
    Men's facial care with water mint30mn€30
  • Body Care
    Cranial modeling30mn€30
    Back modeling with Corsican rosemary30mn€30
    Draining modeling / deep tissue with Corsican immortelle30mn€30
    Full body modeling with a trio of Corsican essential oils60mn€60
    Athlete's modeling with Corsican rosemary60mn€60
    Special massage for pregnant women60mn€60
    Jacuzzi (maximum 3 people)30mn€10
  • Nomad Special Massage
    Back + legs massage + foot freshness45mn€45

If Realia manages to keep its prices the same, it's because the Corsican cosmetic brand produces 90% of its raw materials. Despite this guarantee, the price of glass having increased by 30%, the products will slightly increase from the second quarter, when the current stock is depleted.

A gourmet corner also awaits you in the store, with products like fennel olive oil or clementine syrup.

Guided Tour

Today, with Muriel, Elodie, Carole, and Rémi, all four engineers, the Realia team invites you to a meeting so that you can discover the intelligence and work ethic at the heart of the company, and to understand where you are.

A free guided tour, in which you will discover the different plants in the garden that are used in the production of cosmetic products, with explanations on ancient traditions explained by science. You will also be able to visit the wellness area, and see behind the glass the laboratory where each product is made.

The Laboratory

The laboratory has several rooms and an airlock entrance, subject to strict health standards, hand washing, overshoes, gloves, lab coat, and hairnet are mandatory.


Recommended by UFC Que Choisir

Labeled with a 3-star Slow Cosmetics quality, Realia Cosmetics products include a cream that is among the products recommended by UFC Que Choisir Hand Creams.

You can also find the entire Realia product range on Corsica Beauty.

100% Natural Raw Materials

Using 100% natural raw materials preserved under vacuum and sourced 90% from their own production, including olive oil which is the nourishing base of all creams except for the one made with hazelnuts from Cervione.

The Garden

Realia grows the majority of the plants used in the creation of its cosmetics: Immortelle, Cistus, Lavender, Kaffir Lime, Kumquat, and more.

Cosmetic Plant GardenCistus Plant for CosmeticsCistus Plant for CosmeticsRosemaryRosemaryImmortelleLavenderCistusKumquatKaffir Lime

The Wellness & Massage Area - Jacuzzi

Spa Massage RoomSpa JacuzziSpa JacuzziSpa JacuzziSpa JacuzziSpa Jacuzzi

Muriel, Carole, and Elodie welcome you all year round for duo or solo massages in the Realia Wellness Area. All three holding a certification in the profession of wellness massage practitioner, they receive you by appointment for a relaxing moment with Realia massage oils.

Body Care

With its Wellness & Massage Space, you will be at the heart of Realia's commitment to well-being. An invitation to relax and rejuvenate. Each treatment is designed to meet your specific needs, using our natural Corsican cosmetic products, for an authentic well-being experience.

Massage RoomMassage RoomMassage RoomWellness Area

You will also have the opportunity to enjoy the Jacuzzi.

Sales Points

You can find Realia products at all the following points of sale:

Address and Contacts

Phone04 95 36 04 46
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AddressRT10 Alistro, 20230 San Giulianu
Opening Time or PeriodWinter from 10 am to 7 pm Monday to Saturday
June to the end of September from 9 am to 7 pm Monday to Saturday
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