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Casa Agostini
Published on 22/02/2024 | Updated 1 months
Biscuit Factory Casa Agostini - Gastronomy - Corsica
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Casa Agostini
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Founded in June 2010 in the village of Morosaglia, Casa Agostini produces high-quality canistrelli, spreads, nougat, and chestnut cakes all year round. The artisanal biscuit factory utilizes its own organic PGI hazelnuts, as well as chestnuts from the region.

Orchardist Producer of Organic Corsican PGI Hazelnuts

Casa Agostini is an artisanal biscuit factory with the unique feature of also being an orchardist, as it produces its own hazelnuts, which are joyfully incorporated into all its products. In 2015, the artisan couple acquired 3 hectares of old orchards, to which four and a half hectares of their own plantation were added, located in Venzolasca, Cervione, Linguizzetta, and Valle di Campoloro. The hazel groves are maintained naturally, yielding 100% organic and PGI Cervione hazelnuts.

The hazelnuts are sold in 500-gram vacuum-packed bags and are roasted.

Hazelnuts Casa Agostini Biscuit Factory San GiulianoHazelnuts Casa Agostini Biscuit Factory San GiulianoOrganic IGP Hazelnuts Cervione Corsica Vacuum Packed Casa Agostini Biscuit Factory

You can also find Salitu, a hazelnut-flavored salt.

Artisanal Biscuit Factory in San Giuliano

Casa Agostini Biscuit Factory in San Giuliano
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From the passion that led him to make cakes with his family, Charles Agostini made it his profession. Along with his wife, they started by selling traditional Corsican cakes, and, passionate about pastry, they created "A Casa Agostini" after training, in June 2010 in the village of Morosaglia. Now located in San Giuliano, the artisanal biscuit factory, known for the quality of its products, has remained true to its values.

The artisan appreciates the creativity of the profession that allows for the development of new recipes. The year 2022 saw the introduction of a new clementine spread.

Pursuit of Quality

A Casa Agostini opts for high-quality raw materials, such as the biscuit factory's organic hazelnuts. Other noble ingredients like regional olive oil help to extend the shelf life without resorting to preservatives or palm oil, always in the interest of sensible consumption.

Spreads, 50% Hazelnuts

Spread, a Nocetta

Nocetta, the Hazelnut Spread from Casa Agostini

With his own hazelnut trees, Charles Agostini wanted to create a hazelnut-based product. Thus, the ingredient led to the product through Nocetta, a Corsican chocolate hazelnut spread, palm oil-free, and PGI labeled.

Chestnut Spread

Castagniccia, the Chestnut Spread

Another flagship ingredient of the region, aptly named, Castagniccia is a chocolate spread made with chestnuts and also without palm oil.

Corsican Clementine Spread

A Mandarina, the Corsican Clementine and IGP Hazelnut Spread

A novelty released in 2022, "A Mandarina" is a spread that breaks the mold by replacing the traditional chocolate/hazelnut spread with a clementine/hazelnut version. Corsican clementines and IGP Corsican hazelnuts for an original product.

Corsican Clementine Cream Spread

Corsican Clementine Cream

The most recent addition, the Corsican clementine cream offers a fruity sweetness and natural sugar from the island's clementines. Keep refrigerated after opening.

Canistrelli in 5 Flavors

Casa Agostini Biscuit Factory in San Giuliano

Agostini's biscuit factory also produces its canistrelli in five flavors:

  • Plain Canistrelli
  • Hazelnut Canistrelli
  • Aniseed Canistrelli
  • Chestnut Canistrelli
  • Clementine Canistrelli
Clementine CanistrelliHazelnut CanistrelliHazelnut CanistrelliClementine CanistrelliPlain CanistrelliHazelnut Canistrelli

Corsican Nougat

Casa Agostini Biscuit Factory in San Giuliano

Chocolate Hazelnut Nougat

The Corsican hazelnut nougat offered by the biscuit factory consists of hazelnuts, chocolate, and Corsican honey.

Chestnut Hazelnut Nougat

The chestnut nougat is one of Casa Agostini's latest products, available in 100g boxes with ingredients including honey, chestnuts, and hazelnuts.

Hazelnut NougatChestnut Nougat

Chestnut Cake

The biscuit factory makes cakes with 100% chestnut flour - u Pasquale Paoli - in memory of the village of Morosaglia, where the leader of the Corsican nation was born. Cakes made entirely with chestnut flour and vacuum-sealed.


During the festive season, Agostini's biscuit factory also produces chocolates.

Points of Sale

Agostini's biscuit factory welcomes you all year round at Alistro in the plain of San Giuliano for direct sales, and you can also find it in the following list of points of sale:

  • In Bastia at the Mattei distillery, and at the u Muntagnolu store
  • In Ajaccio on the chemin des vignobles
  • In Corte at the A Robba Paisana shop.
  • In Folelli, A Fiera
  • In Aleria, U Ritornu
  • In Casaglione near Ajaccio, Boucherie Chez Doudou Traiteur in Tiuccia
  • In Porto-Vecchio, at Eva's, and at U Core Paesanu
  • In Bonifacio at l'Anticu
  • In Sartène, la Cave Sartenaise

Address and Contacts

Phone06 77 80 97 64
EmailSend an Email to Casa Agostini
AddressT10, Alistro, Lieu-dit Ciavattone, 20230 San Giulianu
Opening Time or PeriodAll year round, from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 12pm and from 2:30pm to 6pm
Closed on Mondays in winter (from October 15 to April 1)
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