Albo Tower in Ogliastro

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Posted on 07/02/2015 | Updated 10 years ago

Features of the Albo Tower

Genoese Tower of Albo

Located on the west side of Cap Corse at the southernmost point of the Marine d'Albo in the commune of Oglisatro, the Genoese tower of Albo is built on rock about fifteen meters above the sea. Its height is about 10 meters, and its base diameter is also 10 meters.

Constructed of sedimentary schist, the Albo tower rests on two levels with an external staircase. It has a chimney and machicolations.

It has been classified as a historic monument since 1992.

A Genoese Tower Rich in History

The Albo tower, also known as Torra del Greco, was built in 1562 to protect the Marine d'Albo, whose easy access made it a favored stopover for ships during a time when raids plagued the Mediterranean coastline.

The Raids of the 16th Century on Marine d'Albo

The Genoese tower was built and rebuilt many times due to the Barbary assaults that repeatedly destroyed the village of Ogliastru in 1559, 1563, 1588, 1613, and 1624.

More information on the history of Pino and the 1563 raid carried out by the Turkish army under the command of Mammi Pacha.

The 1588 Raid

In June 1588, the Albo Tower was once again the scene of bloody battles following a new attack by Barbary pirates who landed with a fleet of 11 galleys under the command of the Bey (Turkish title) of Algiers, Hassan Pacha.

The hamlet of Cugulu was destroyed, and nearly 150 people were captured and enslaved.

The tower, also destroyed, was rebuilt by the villagers between 1588 and 1589, serving as a guard post for three torregiani from Ogliastru and Olcani, who took turns day and night watching the sea with the fear of seeing new enemy ships appear.

French Occupation

A few centuries later in 1768, while the island populations were evacuating the Nonza castle to the south, the Albo tower was occupied by French troops.

They landed on the island by the cape following the Treaty of Versailles, which provided that Corsica would come under French administration to settle the debts of Genoa to France.

Restoration of the Albo Tower in 2019

Lacking the means to maintain it, the Albo tower was closed to the public for safety reasons and surrounded by a protective net. After several years of fundraising efforts, the municipality of Ogliastro was able to launch a restoration project for the building in the spring of 2019. The work is expected to last a full year.