Abandoned Village of Mata - Luri

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4.5 km - 2h00 - Altitude : 90 à 230m - Elevation : 140m - Difficulty : 2/5
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Village and Tower of Mata

Maison abandonnée mata cap corse
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On the Eastern slope of Cap Corse, within the municipality of Luri, Mata is one of those ghost villages of the region whose desertion is estimated to the XVIII century. First, one accesses the ruins of the Tower of Mata, which from an open area gives visibility over the sea, revealing the defensive nature of this square-shaped building.

Down below, as if hidden in the mountain, there are about fifteen small stone houses and walls in varying states of decay. One of these houses now shelters a large oak tree that's nearly a century old. The isolation of this ancient village was supposed to protect it from Barbary incursions, with the tower overlooking the valley serving as a lookout.

Less than a kilometer away flows a small spring that feeds the Fountain of Mata and was once a water source for the villagers.

Note: A few kilometers around there are other old villages such as Muraccie and Caracu in the neighboring municipality of Meria.

Access to the village of Mata

The hiking trail is located in the village of Campu, now a hamlet of Luri. You can park in the small parking area opposite the Chapel of Saint Sebastian. The walk begins 50 meters above by continuing along the paved road, or by the other route that passes above the Chapel of Saint Sebastian following the signs. The choice between the two depends on the hiker's preference, since you can loop in either direction.

The entire hike to reach the ruins of Mata is shaded by trees and tall vegetation. It is a path suitable for all and is quite clear if we stick to access to the village of Mata.

Note: At the start of this route, another stop allows access to another abandoned village named Muraccie.

Sea view - To go further

The hike can continue by following the trail that leads to the Fountain of Mata with a clear view of the mountain. From there, the landscape changes completely, onto the municipality of Meria. There's no need to retrace your steps as you can loop around to return to Mata (a loop of about 1.5km), by continuing to the sign for the Aria Marina (continue to the right) which indicates the recent opening of a trail with a view of the sea and the island of Capraia.

San Salvadore Chapel and its Bell Tower

Whether on the way back or forth, depending on the direction of the loop, stands alone, the San Salvadore Chapel, and its bell tower spaced about a hundred meters apart. The bell tower has been renovated and plastered by a village association. Inscribed on a commemorative stone wall dated 1878: "The inhabitants of Campu".

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