Luri, 853 Population  0 to 1136 meters 2753 hectares

Luri - Corsica

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Luri is a commune in Cap Corse that encompasses ancient historical villages, some of which were abandoned. Its geographical area extends from the eastern coastline with the beach and port of Santa Severa, then rises through the plain to the various hamlets located on the heights to protect themselves from enemy incursions at the time.

Religious Monuments

Chapelle Saint Sébastien

Located in the hamlet of Campu in Luri, the small Chapelle Saint Sébastien - San Sebastianu - is built on a slope at the start of the path leading to the village of Mata. It has a small bell tower.

Despite its small size, the chapel, measuring approximately 14 meters by 7, still hosts religious services throughout the year for the inhabitants of Campu.

Chapelle San Salvadore

Chapelle San Salvadore

Located more than half a kilometer up the heights of the hamlet of Campu, the Chapelle San Salvadore, originally named San Sebastianu e San Salvadore, has a campanile situated 100 meters away, which was renovated a few years ago.

Beaches of Luri

Santa Severa Beach

Santa Severa Beach

Santa Severa Beach adjoins the eponymous port along the 2km coastline of the commune. It is a sandy beach with small pebbles in some areas, to the south of which the small river Luri discreetly flows.