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Capiaghja Sheepfolds in Bocognano

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Bergeries de Capiaghja
Posted on 20/07/2023 | Updated 1 year ago
La GravonaBergeries de CapiaghjaBergeries de CapiaghjaBergeries de CapiaghjaMontagneAutomne
Bergeries de Capiaghja
2.99 km - 1h30 - Altitude : 885 à 1087m - Elevation : 199m - Difficulty : 2/5
Randonnée en MontagneSite ForestierAdapté aux chiensBergeries de Capiaghja

Isolated in the Gravona valley, the Capiaghja Sheepfolds are located 4km as the crow flies East-North-East of Bocognano at the foot of Mount Renoso. They are easily accessible within less than an hour's walk mixing river, forest, and mountain.

Upstream of the Gravona

Capiaghja Sheepfold in Bocognano - Southern Corsica
Capiaghja Sheepfolds Caseddi di a Capiaghja Mountain A flanc de Mountain Mountain MountainCorse Autumn

Everything starts at the Sellola bridge that spans the Gravona between Vizzavona and Bocognano.

A notch allows a few cars to park easily. The beginning of the route follows the course of the Gravona river before it is hidden by the vegetation about fifty meters below.

The Gravona at Bocognano Gravona River Gravona River

It is in this Renosu massif that the Gravona has its source, with clear water tumbling down the rocks with varying levels of noise depending on the season, and the river can become dangerous in case of recent rain.

The trail through the forest

The ascent is made through a beech forest which, in the autumn, wraps the whole forest in an orange coat. There are also several meters high holly, as well as oaks, and a few scattered chestnut trees.

A sense of freedom and isolation emerges as you progress, in the calming quiet of a nature with many charms.

Several signs indicate the path to reach the sheepfolds or to follow other hiking trails.

Chestnut Tree Trail Trail Trail Mushrooms Forest Wild Holly

The Capiaghja Sheepfolds

The Capiaghja Sheepfolds are nestled in the hollow of the mountain, several stone buildings surrounded by peaks including Renoso which stands at 2352 meters. A fenced fountain - a funtana di a Capiaghja - is tapped at an altitude of 1050 meters, in the middle of Caseddi.

An abrupt and very rocky mountain side allows one to quickly gain height offering a nice viewpoint on the valley.

The Capiaghja sheepfolds are still in operation in preserved places and under the watchful eyes of shepherd dogs. Etymologically, piaghja in Corsican defines a transhumance area.

Hiking trails allow for connection to Vizzavona, or the villages of Bocognano, Tavera, and further afield, Bastelica.

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