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Hiking to Monte Aragnascu in Cuttoli Corticchiato

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Monte Aragnascu
Posted on 14/04/2023 | Updated 1 week ago
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Monte Aragnascu
8 km - 2h30 - Altitude : 537 à 872m - Elevation : 472m - Difficulty : 3/5
Randonnée en MontagneSite ForestierParcours FamilialAdapté aux chiensMonte Aragnascu

A panoramic view of the Gulf of Ajaccio

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The hike to Monte Aragnascu begins at Col San Petru at an altitude of 710 meters, in the village of Cuttoli-Corticchiato in the Prunelli region, 35 minutes from Ajaccio. The trail forms a loop and takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete, along the mountain ridge. The access trail starts by descending the pass, just after the house on the right. Other routes, such as the Alcudina Trail or the Turricedda Trail, can also be followed.

The hike to Monte Aragnascu - also known as Monti d'Ignascu - will take you through the completely preserved Corsican nature, passing through chestnut groves, and most importantly, offering a rewarding view from the summit. At 888 meters above sea level, Monte Aragnascu offers the most beautiful view of the Gulf of Ajaccio to the southwest, and of the Peri and Afa plains to the west (especially during the descent).

Chestnut Trees and Old Sheepfold

The trail is narrow but accessible and well maintained. It starts with maquis vegetation, and you will encounter some sources at the beginning, as well as oak and strawberry trees, ferns, and chestnut trees. You will also come across an old sheepfold on the way.

Difficulty of the Circuit

The hike alternates between flat sections and more challenging segments, especially during the ascent to the summit. The descent is less strenuous except on the joints.

It is not recommended for children under 6 years of age and individuals, especially the elderly, who are lacking in physical condition. The loop covers 8 km and takes 2.5 to 3 hours to complete, depending on the time spent at the top of the mountain.

Carte IGN et dénivelé - Monte Aragnascu

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