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Customs Path in Ajaccio

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Sentier des douaniers à Ajaccio
Posted on 16/07/2023 | Updated 2 months
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Sentier des douaniers à Ajaccio
8.1 km - 2h10 - Altitude : 2 à 81m - Elevation : 200m - Difficulty : 1/5
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From the Sanguinary Islands to Capo di Feno

Ajaccio Coast
Ajaccio Coast Ajaccio Customs Path Red Porphyry Rock Islet Path Cove

The customs officers' path begins at the Parata parking lot, an unmissable spot in Ajaccio with its Genoese tower.

The route truly begins above a small cove of black pebbles and follows the coastline northwards to Saint-Antoine beach at Capo di Feno - Capu di Fenu - offering beautiful views of the sea and the Sanguinary Islands, as well as the Ajaccio coastline along the way.

A Curious Climbing Rock

On your right at the beginning of the hike, after about 15 minutes of walking, you will find a small geological curiosity. This red porphyry rock - which has climbing anchors embedded in it - reminds us of the volcanic origins of the island, as it is cooled magma commonly found in Western Corsica and adding to the charm of the Piana calanques.

Trail Characteristics

This hike does not present any technical or physical challenges except perhaps a bit of endurance, especially for children. The trail is flat with very little elevation gain. It takes a little over 2 hours to complete the round trip.

Carrying Water and Protecting Your Head

This is a dirt trail that does not require any significant gear other than the essentials for hikers. Appropriate walking shoes, water bottles, a cap or hat to protect from the sun are recommended on a terrain that is seldom shaded.

In summary, this is a beautiful and accessible walk to be enjoyed with family or friends.

Through the Maquis

On this coastal path cutting through the maquis, the flora and fauna are in their wild state. The maquis is primarily composed of Montpellier cistus, but also of heather or hairy calicotome. More surprising, before reaching Capo di Feno, are the few olive trees, their crowns shaped by the winds.

Make a Stop at the Beach

As a reward for your efforts and if the season allows, you can directly cut through small stairs on your left and descend to Saint-Antoine beach to enjoy a swim and the warm sand. Don't forget to bring your swimsuit and towel to relax in the water, and keep in mind that you still have half the journey to make.

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