Hiking at Mont Gozzi in Appietto

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Monte Gozzi
Posted on 14/04/2023 | Updated 1 year ago
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Monte Gozzi
5.89 km - 1h00 - Altitude : 415 à 693m - Elevation : 412m - Difficulty : 3/5
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Must-see hike near Ajaccio

Monte Gozzi in Appietto
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The Monte Gozzi is a steep red granite rock that dominates the entire plain at 700 meters above sea level. Visible from the villages of Afa, Sarrola, Alata, Cuttoli, and Appietto. The trail starts at the San Chirgu Chapel, located 5 minutes from the village of Appietto and 30 minutes from Ajaccio. You can park there easily and see the village gradually take shape as you ascend.

Accessible in a 30 to 40-minute walk, reaching the top of Mount Gozzi offers a panoramic view of the entire plain and the Gulf of Ajaccio. The round trip journey takes about an hour and covers approximately 6 km.

Difficulty of the trail

The proposed trail presents no difficulties, except for young children. It is a well-maintained dirt path that crosses the maquis with rocky passages, that's why it's important to wear good shoes. After a steep climb, which will be the only difficulty, you will reach a flat area up to the rock.

Be careful on the rock - especially for children and pets - which is on a cliff face with a 300-meter drop, not recommended for people who suffer from vertigo.

Be sure to bring water.

Paragliding track - Little House - Castellu di Gozzi

During the hike, you will come across a small paragliding takeoff track, two streams that may be dry depending on the season, and a little house at the top, which may have served as a sheepfold. From there, turn right to reach the rock.

The ruined walls near the rock are the remains of the Castellu di Gozzi, a feudal castle that housed lordships around the 11th century.

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