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Mucchiatana to Venzolasca Hiking Trail

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Posted on 17/07/2023 | Updated 2 months
Sentier de Mucchiatana
5.5 km - 1h30 - Altitude : 1 à 5m - Elevation : 4m - Difficulty : 1/5
Parcours FamilialAdapté aux chiens

Publicly Protected Natural Site

Sentier randonnee venzolasca
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The Mucchiatana walk takes place on a protected natural site open to the public in the municipality of Venzolasca. The parking lot is shaded by tall eucalyptus trees about 100 meters before the beach and offers easy parking outside of peak season.

Between Two Waters

Enjoyed by walkers and joggers, the route runs along a coastal strip between the beach and a stream that parallels the shoreline. Comprised of a sandy mixture, the path is perfectly clear through sparse vegetation and small cork oaks.

Family Walk

The trail can be completed in less than 1.5 hours and poses no difficulty. It provides a pleasant natural landscape bordered by the beach of Venzolasca and small connecting streams. Without elevation, this walk is ideal for families. However, it is advisable to bring water and head coverings, especially during the season given the almost total lack of shade.

Located in the plain in the Casinca region, the site is near agricultural and pastoral lands where you might see cows or sheep grazing peacefully across the stream. Less than a kilometer further north lies the mouth of the Golo - the largest river in Corsica - which ends its journey in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

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