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Valle d Alesani

E Valle d'Alisgiani, 112 Population  271 to 1056 meters 959 hectares

Valle d Alesani - Corsica

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Capital of Alesani

Valle d'Alesani is the capital of the canton of Alesani, which comprises 9 villages. The commune is the largest in area and was also the most populous until 2017. The village is traversed by the Alesani River, which feeds the eponymous dam a bit further downstream.

The village was able to open its school in the fall of 2019, welcoming primary students from the village and neighboring villages, thereby revitalizing the community.

Sant'Alesiu Chapel

Sant'Alesiu Chapel

Built in 1750 on the site of the first structure founded around the 10th century, the chapel was dedicated to Sant'Alesiu during a time deeply influenced by the Roman cult of Saint Alexius, the origin of the name Alexis. Other monuments in Corsica are also dedicated to him. Discover the life of Alexis of Rome, a Catholic saint who lived in the 4th century.

Procession to Sant'Alesiu Chapel on July 17

The patronal feast takes place every year in the heart of summer on July 17. As tradition dictates, the procession starts from the village to the Sant'Alesiu Chapel, where a mass is celebrated, followed by a communal meal, or merendella, around the Chapel.

An inscription above the Chapel door catches the eye:

Oh passagiero se sei devoto, in tanto fermati a salutare Alesio, el Santo - You who pass here, if you are devoted, stop and salute Saint Alexius