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Salvatori Biscuit Factory in Ile Rousse - Canistrelli - Corsican Artis

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Biscuiterie Artisanale Salvatori
Published on 16/11/2023 | Updated 6 months
Biscuit Factory Biscuiterie Artisanale Salvatori - Gastronomy - Corsica
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Biscuiterie Artisanale Salvatori
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The Salvatori biscuit factory is located in Ile Rousse on Place du Canon. In the shop of this Corsican artisanal biscuit factory, you will discover canistrelli and tourtellini in various flavors, as well as olioses, small salty biscuits for appetizers. Corsican cakes available for online sale here, or by mail order.

Artisanal Biscuit Factory at the Heart of Île Rousse

Salvatori Artisanal Biscuit Factory Ile-Rousse

The Salvatori biscuit factory is situated on Place du Canon in Île-Rousse in Balagne. To find it, you should take the street above the Ile Rousse market and go straight ahead, pass under an arch and continue for about thirty meters. Open all year round, the biscuit factory welcomes you 7/7 in the summer and a bit less in the winter as it is known in the shop. Existing for over 50 years, the artisanal biscuit factory was taken over in 2010 by a former restaurateur from the Pauline city.

100% Artisanal

Everything is produced right before your eyes in the manufacturing workshop adjoining the shop. A total immersion for customers at the heart of the work of these 3 artisans, who number about ten in the summer. Reception of raw materials, recipes, dough preparation, cutting, baking, packaging, and bagging, everything happens in this space with the enticing aroma of golden oven-baked biscuits. Customers who are inspired to visit will not regret their detour to this shop where good mood and savoir-vivre reign in a convivial atmosphere.

Canistrelli Dough with Chocolate ChipsArtisanal Corsican Biscuit FactoryCanistrelliBaked CanistrelliBaked CanistrelliCanistrelliCorsican BiscuitTourtellini

An artisanal production where everything is handcrafted.

Quality Raw Materials

The success of a recipe depends above all on the quality of the ingredients, which is why the biscuit factory selects its raw materials from among the best and establishes choice partnerships.

Shop StreetShopCanistrelliBiscuitsSales by ColissimoBiscuitsSalvatori Canistrelli Ile Rousse

Biscuits and Pastries

Canistrelli and Tourtellini

The flagship products of the shop are the traditional canistrelli and the tourtellini. The former are made with white wine, crispy and airy, while the latter are egg-based shortbread cookies that are more tender. Their best before date is 6 months.

Salvatori Biscuit FactoryTourtellini with Chocolate ChipsTourtellini AmarettiTourtellini ChestnutTourtellini LemonTourtellini Chocolate ChipsTourtellini Vanilla CaramelSalvatori Candied Citron CanistrelliCanistrelli ChestnutCanistrelli PlainSalvatori CanistrelliCandied Orange CanistrelliPraline CanistrelliAlmond CanistrelliCaramel Salted Butter from Guérande Canistrelli

Oliose for the Aperitif

Other specialties include the Olioses, which are unsweetened salty canistrelli served as appetizers flavored with olives, prizuttu, or Corsican cheese.

Prisuttu OlioseOlive OliosePrisuttu Oliose

Biscuits and Prices - Parcel Shipping

Caramel and Guérande salted butter - Almonds - Hazelnuts - Figs - Cinnamon - Lemon - Orange - Pralin - Anise - Chocolate Chips - Chestnut - Candied Cedrat - Walnuts - Crunchy€4
TourtelliniLemon - Vanilla caramel - Chocolate chips - Amaretti - Chestnut
OlioseOlives and white wine - Prisuttu - Corsican cheese

The artisanal biscuit factory of Ile Rousse ships orders to the mainland as well as within Corsica at the prices listed in the table. You can contact the shop by email, phone, or place an order directly online.

1 Free Packet for Every 10 Packets Purchased

The artisanal biscuit factory in Ile Rousse ships parcels several times a week throughout the year. It provides some useful information, such as the fact that a 5kg parcel can contain up to 15 packets, and an order of 16 packets would be disadvantageous considering the shipping costs. You can also make bulk orders.

For orders of 10 packets or more, the biscuit factory offers you an additional packet for free.

Sales Points

The biscuits from Ile-Rousse can be found in various grocery stores in the region and sales points on the mainland such as in Marseille, Toulon, Nice, Paris, and in Alsace-Lorraine.

Corsican Artisanal Jam and Flavored Salt

The Salvatori biscuit factory also offers Corsican babbò jam, or flavored salt made by the biscuit factory, incorporating dried myrtle and nepita.

You will also find pastries and a small showcase of regional products: crunchy snacks, tapenade, myrtle liqueur, olive oil, sparkling muscat, honey, citron, Corsican mustard.

Naturally Organic Corsican JamsMyrtle and Nepita Flavored SaltMyrtle and Nepita Flavored Salt

Coffee and Beverage Service

If you are strolling through the streets of Ile-Rousse, do not hesitate to sit on the terrace of the biscuit factory at Place du Canon, to ask for a coffee, inevitably accompanied by a canistrelli, all for only €1.50.

Cold drinks are also available: Zilia, Orezza, Pietra, Fruit Juices, Orangina, Coca-Cola. Note that the biscuit factory does not have a card reader, but an ATM is available just 2 minutes away, on Place Paoli.

Address and Contacts

Phone04 95 60 01 49
EmailSend an Email to Biscuiterie Artisanale Salvatori
AddressPlace du Canon, 20220 L'Isula
Opening Time or PeriodSummer: 7 days a week - Winter: From 9:30 am to 12:30 pm and from 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm throughout the week except Sunday afternoon
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