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Les Biscuits de Zilia
Published on 09/05/2023 | Updated 1 year ago
Biscuit Factory Les Biscuits de Zilia - Gastronomy - Corsica
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Zilia biscuits owe their success to the cuggiulelle recipe originating from Balagne. Cucciole from Calenzana or Cuggiulelle from Zilia, these small, dry, and light biscuits are enjoyed throughout Corsica and beyond, ideally accompanying a coffee or as a small snack.

The cuggiulelle of Zilia

Zilia Biscuit Factory - Biscuit Factory

These small Corsican biscuits come from Calenzana and Zilia in Balagne. The name varies slightly depending on the region, Cucciole in Calenzana, or Cuggiulelle in Zilia, with wine and spirits from the region.

Upon his return to Corsica in 1993 after serving in the army, Jean-Noël Santelli turned to the profession of baker and built his own bakery and wood-fired oven, beginning to market his products in the heart of the village of Zilia.

Working together, Sandrine and Jean Noel Santelli were inspired by this ancestral recipe and after several months of tasting and trials, the Cucciole became the Cuggiulelle of Zilia.

Biscuiterie Opening Hours

The Zilia Biscuiterie is open every morning from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 1 pm from April to October, and 4 pm to 6 pm starting in June.

The cuggiuelelle travel

Different flavors of cuggiulelle

Zilia biscuits come in several flavors:

  • Traditional Cuggiulelle
  • Cuggiulelle with roasted hazelnut pieces
  • Cuggiulelle with roasted almond pieces
  • Cuggiulelle with chestnut and chocolate chips
  • Cuggiulelle with clementines and chocolate chips
  • Chocolate-coated Cuggiulelle (October to January)
  • Cuggiulelle with lemon

Flavors that cater to demand, with a special mention for the traditional, time-honored recipe.

The raw materials are carefully selected and guaranteed non-GMO and free of palm oil. An authentic product and consistent practices since 1997.

Recipes with Cuggiulelle

On the Zilia Biscuits Facebook page, you will find recipes based on cuggiulelle to recreate at home, such as Cuggiulelle Cheesecake, or Cuggiulelle Crumble. Zilia biscuits are also a component of the desserts offered by restaurants in Calvi and other establishments on the island.

Biscuits in Corsica and PACA

With 25 years of experience, Zilia Biscuits can be found all over Corsica and on the mainland in all Géant Casino supermarkets in the PACA region, in large stores as well as in gourmet grocery stores in Patrimonio at U Spurtellu grocery store or at the SPAR in Île Rousse, and in most small, medium, and large retail shops.

The biscuits are also available directly at the biscuit factory shop in Zilia, which has had a new laboratory since 2017 and a sales outlet.

Address and Contacts

Phone06 74 63 63 47 - 04 95 62 79 53
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AddressVillage, 20214 Ziglia
Opening Time or PeriodFrom April 1st to October 31st. Shop open from 9 am to 1 pm Monday to Friday.
+ From 4 pm to 6 pm starting in June
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