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Restonica Inn in Corte - Hotel Restaurant with Pool

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Auberge de la Restonica
Published on 25/05/2023 | Updated 9 months
Restaurant Auberge de la Restonica - Dining - Corsica
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Auberge de la Restonica
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The Restonica Inn is located on an exceptional site up the valley and its eponymous river, very close to the center of Corte. Semi-gourmet cuisine with a bar/lounge area, also enjoy the restaurant's swimming pool as customers or as guests in one of the seven air-conditioned rooms of the inn.

Hotel-Restaurant in Restonica

Restonica Inn

Located by the river, just 5 minutes from Corte up the valley, lies the Restonica Inn, a family business for four generations. Under the management of two sisters, Rachel and Emilie Arnol, the establishment built in the 60s was their great-grandmother's holiday home who, alone in the winter, turned it into guest rooms.

The Inn is open from April to October, 7 days a week with lunch and dinner service at the restaurant, and a welcoming platter. In the winter, the establishment opens by reservation for events: baptism, wedding, seminar, group.

Gourmet Restaurant

The Restonica restaurant offers gourmet dishes with traditional flavors revisited, such as the Restonica fillet, a beef fillet with sheep's cheese deglazed with brandy, or another specialty, the Corsican milk-fed lamb confit.

Rachel and Emilie choose local products from a Corte livestock for the lambs, for the PDO charcuterie, and the cheese of the region. Regional products married to seasonal vegetables, all prepared by the chef's hand for a tasty cuisine.

Restaurant 2024 Menu and Prices

  • Starters
    Corsican Soup Soisson beans, carrots, charcuterie, chard, leeks, tomato15€
    AOP Leonelli Corsican Charcuterie Plate Coppa, Lonzu, Sausage21€
    Small Omelette with brocciu and mint, green salad, organic eggs12€
    Large Omelette with brocciu and mint, green salad, organic eggs15€
    Restonica Salad Green salad, brocciu, panzetta and figatellu, onions, walnuts17€
    Eggplant Mille Feuille with Leonetti goat's brocciu15€
  • Meats
    Wild Boar Stew, fresh pasta18€
    Restonica Beef Fillet with melted sheep cheese deglazed with eau de vie33€
    Confit Corsican Suckling Lamb, Jo Orsatelli28€
  • Fish
    Sea Trio, squid ink risotto, prawns, squid and Saint-Jacques29€
    Trout Fillet, virgin sauce24€
  • Homemade Desserts
    Corsican Cheese Plate, fig jam10€
    Hot Apple Tart, to be ordered at the beginning of the meal12€
    Chestnut Ice Cream Parfait9€
    The Mendiant soft caramel with dried fruits and prunes, scoop of vanilla ice cream10€
    Homemade Ice Cream from Salge, the scoop, sorbets: passion fruit, lemon, strawberry, mint-lime, ice creams: vanilla, vanilla canistrelli, chestnut, salted butter caramel, praline, brocciu, milk chocolate3.5€
  • Children's Menu
    Hot Dish of the Moment12€
  • Sparkling Wines 75 cl
    Sparkling Muscat35€
    Laurent Perrier80€
    Laurent Perrier rosé135€
    Zilia 1 Litre4€
    Zilia 50 cl3.50€
    Orezza 1 Litre (sparkling)3.50€
    Orezza 50 cl (sparkling)4€
    Zilia, Orezza 33 cl3€
  • Alcoholic Cocktails
    Mojito (18 cl) Rum, lime, mint, brown sugar and sparkling water12€
    Mojito Royal (18 cl) Rum, lime, mint, brown sugar and champagne16€
    Pina Colada (18 cl) Rum, coconut cream and pineapple juice12€
    Americano (18 cl) Campari, Martini rouge, orange and lemon fruits, sparkling water12€
    Spritz (18 cl) Aperol, Prosecco, sparkling water, elderflower liqueur, lime, mint12€
    Non-Alcoholic Cocktails
    Virgin Mojito (18 cl) Lime, mint, sparkling water8€
    Virgin Colada (18 cl) Coconut cream, pineapple juice8€
  • Corsican Aperitifs
    Corsican Pastis Dami 2 cl2.50€
    Muscat 8 cl5.00€
    Sparkling Muscat 8 cl6.00€
    Chestnut Kir 12 cl5.00€
    Chestnut Kir Royal 12 cl11.00€
    Red Cap Corse 8 cl5.00€
    Myrtle Aperitif Wine 8 cl5.00€
    PM (whisky) 4 cl7.00€
    Classic Aperitifs
    Pastis (51, Ricard, Casanis) 2 cl2.50€
    ... with syrup3.00€
    Red Porto 8 cl5.00€
    Martini (red, white) 8 cl5.00€
    Suze, Campari 8 cl5.00€
    Kir Cassis 8 cl5.00€
    Champagne (glass) 12 cl10.00€
    Kir Royal Cassis 12 cl11.00€
  • Beers
    Paolina Blonde Draft (25 cl)4.50€
    50 cl9.00€
    Palazzu Blonde “A Machja” bottle 33 cl7€
    Pietra Amber Chestnut, bottle 25 cl4.50€
    Colomba White, bottle 25 cl4.50€
    Non-alcoholic Beer, bottle 25 cl4.50€
  • Non-Alcoholic Drinks
    Soda 25 cl (Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Orangina, Schweppes, Lemonade)3.0€
    Syrup with water (glass) (strawberry, mint, peach, lemon, orgeat, grenadine)2.0€
    Corsican Frescu Frescu Fruit Juice 25 cl (ACE, Orange Mango Passion, Orange, Apple, Red Fruits)3.5€
    Pago Tomato Juice 20 cl3.5€
    Bitter San Pellegrino (non-alcoholic) 10 cl3.5€
    Strong Alcohols
    Whiskeys 4cl
    Johnny Walker, Ballantine’s6.00€
    Jack Daniels, Chivas9.00€
    Alcohols 4 cl
    White Rum5.00€
    Captain Morgan Rum (vanilla)5.00€
    Don Papa Rum9.00€
    Tequila, Gin, Vodka5.00€
    Gin Domaine de Murtoli8.00€
  • AOP Red Wines
    Centre, Corsican wine
    1769 Rich and spicy wine with aromas of candied fruits, pepper, silky tannins29€19€
    Pumonte Soft wine, red fruit aromas, ample mouth, tannins present but velvety42€
    E Prove Wine with toasted notes, ample mouth, velvety tannins31€8€
    Domaine Sant-Armettu, IGP MyrtusRefined and elegant wine, spicy
    Alivu Young and elegant wine, structured with volume, nose of ripe fruits and animal note30€22€
    Domaine Paradella Notes of candied fruits and smoke, beautiful length74€
    Pratavone Wine with light tannins, on the fruit24€18€6€
    Péraldi Cuvée Cardinal Fin, rich, spicy, small red fruits, finish with present tannins78€
    Porto Vecchio
    Granajolo "Monika" Fruity wine, crunchy with soft tannins29€7€
  • AOP White Wines
    Centre, Corsican wine
    1769 Lively and refreshing attack, citrus and peach notes, long and saline finish29€19€7€
    Pumonte Aromas of white peach and citron, ample and fat wine with a slight bitterness46€
    Cap Corse
    Domaine Gioielli Supple wine, mineral and floral nose, fresh mouth on white fruits32€9€
    Alivu Nose of vine peach and citrus, notes of lychee, slightly lemony30€22€
    Domaine Sant-Armettu, IGP Myrtus Powerful fresh wine, floral and fruity, long in the mouth59€11€
  • AOP Rosé Wines
    Eastern Plain, Corsican Wine
    Marquiliani, Pauline's Rosé Pale wine, fresh and mineral with fruity notes32€8€
    Centre, Corsican Wine
    1769 Wine with citrus notes and intense freshness, long and saline finish29€19€
    Pumonte Wine characterized by its fatness, freshness and its citrus and roses aromas33€9€
    Alivu Floral nose, exotic notes, suave texture, beautiful freshness30€22€
    Pratavone Refreshing wine, with citrus notes24€18€6€

The restaurant's menu for the 2024 season is available on the side, which includes a new addition this year: the Corsican soup, but also wild boar stew, Iberian pork Pluma as well as new sea fish such as Dorada.

Bar / Lounge noon from July to August

In addition to the restaurant, the Auberge de la Restonica offers a bar / lounge side from July to August from 10 am to 7 pm.

Restaurant with pool and river

The Auberge de la Restonica is in the heart of nature, its terrace overlooks the pool, and the river below, nestled in the valley between mountain and forest. An idyllic setting that you can also enjoy from the inside through a large bay window.

The restaurant and inn's pool is available to guests with sunbed rental. It has a shower and a foot bath. As it is not supervised, children are under the responsibility of their parents.

Double, triple, and family duplex rooms

The inn has 7 rooms divided into 3 triple rooms, 3 double rooms and one family duplex room that can accommodate 4 to 6 people, for a total capacity of 21 places. After a renovation, all rooms were equipped with air conditioning in 2018 and have a Wi-Fi internet connection, bathroom, shower, hairdryer.


2 Single beds
Private parking

Due to the area's limited GSM network coverage, Rachel and Emilie invite you to contact them on the establishment's landline.

Family Duplex

Restonica Inn

The duplex offers a comfortable space where you will feel right at home, appreciating the thoughtfully designed decor.

A small corridor with a large sliding wardrobe leads to the bathroom, with the living room to your right. You can reach the two bedrooms by the stairs to a curtained-off attic space, featuring two double beds.


2 Double beds
Coffee maker
Private parking

Remarkable Site

This classified site attracts many visitors throughout the summer who appreciate the coolness of the valley and its river lined with laricio pines. Hiking trails leading to the lakes of Melu and Capitellu are a must-visit further up the valley. These sites are protected to preserve the resident ecosystem, which is home to endemic species, some unique, especially in the Restonica Gorges.

Address and Contacts

Phone04 95 46 09 58
EmailSend an Email to Auberge de la Restonica
AddressVallée de la Restonica, 20250 Corti
Opening Time or PeriodFrom end of April to end of October, 7 days a week
Winter by reservation
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