Walk on the Aldilonda in Bastia

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Posted on 20/06/2023 | Updated 11 months
Bastia - 31/01/2021Sites Aldilonda à Bastia, le 30/01/2021Entrée Aldilonda - Bastia - 31/01/2021Tunnel Aldilonda - Bastia - 31/01/2021Aldilonda - 31/01/2021Aldilonda - 31/01/2021Aldilonda, vieux Port de Bastia - 31/01/2021
9.7 km - 2h00 - Altitude : 1 à 23m - Elevation : 45m - Difficulty : 1/5
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Constructed and completed in December 2020, Aldilonda is a walkway suspended 5 meters above the waves, connecting the old port of Bastia to the seafront up to Arinella. Anchored to the cliff, the metal structure extends 200 meters at the foot of the Citadel, running parallel to the tunnel.

Aldilonda, a New Asset for Bastia

Bastia - 01/31/2021 Entrée Aldilonda - Bastia - 01/31/2021 Tunnel Aldilonda - Bastia - 01/31/2021 Aldilonda - 01/31/2021 Aldilonda - 01/31/2021 Aldilonda, vieux Port de Bastia - 01/31/2021 Fishermen - 01/31/2021 Aldilonda - 01/31/2021 Aldilonda - 01/31/2021 Aldilonda Bastia - 01/31/2021

Providing a means to ease the congestion in the city, the project serves as the finishing touch to Spassimare, inaugurated in 2017, to the great delight of walkers, joggers, and cyclists who now use it daily. Beyond the site's natural beauty with the sea beneath one's feet, and serving as a new fishing spot, it is primarily a link between the city center and the seafront. This allows access to Arinella beach without the need for Bastia residents to use a car, and vice versa, for visitors to explore the city from Arinella while avoiding the city's traffic jams.

A new attraction for Bastia, Aldilonda is to walkers what the tunnel was to motorists when it was built forty years earlier in 1979. Both structures allow one to bypass the steep cliffs of the citadel without any detours, slopes, or stairs. One can stroll, rollerblade, or cycle for either a leisurely family outing or a more athletic venture, as one chooses.

Aldilonda Bastia - 01/30/2021

From Arinella to Place Saint-Nicolas Without Elevation Change

It is now easy to go from Arinella to Place Saint-Nicolas via Spassimare and Aldilonda. The entire journey is level and just a few meters above the sea. The distance from Arinella to the old port is 3 km, with an additional 2 km to the end of Place Saint-Nicolas.

Secure Pathway

Running alongside T11, the path from Arinella to Spassimare is highly secure, allowing for peaceful coexistence between walkers and motorists.

However, there remains one downside, which is the air quality near the seafront and at the tunnel exit, which can only be described as mediocre.

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