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Customs Trail in Saint-Florent

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Sentier des douaniers
Posted on 17/07/2023 | Updated 10 months
Plage corse sentier des souaniers saint florentPlage saint florent sentier du littoral corseFleuve bughju corseFleuve buggiu corseSentier du littoral corse saint florentTour de la mortella saint florent
Sentier des douaniers
7.7 km - 1h30 - Altitude : 0 à 16m - Elevation : 63m - Difficulty : 1/5
Littoral marîtimeParcours FamilialAdapté aux chiensSentier des douaniers

Coastal Path through the Agriates Desert

Beach customs officers' path Saint Florent
Customs officers' path in Saint Florent - Upper Corsica Coastal path of Saint Florent Bughju River - Corsica - Saint Florent Beach coastal path - Saint Florent Saint Florent - Coastal path Customs officers' path in Saint Florent

The customs officers' path in Saint-Florent is a section of the coastal trail that starts at the cove of Fornali and runs along the coast through the entire Agriates Desert, successively crossing the beaches of Lotu, Saleccia, and Ghignu in the municipality of Santu Petru di Tenda, up to the beach of Ostriconi in Balagne marking the border with the Nebbiu region. The proposed section ends at the mouth of the Santu river.

Swimming in Coves

In summer, you can plan to bring swimsuits and towels for bathing, as the walk is dotted with several coves that open onto turquoise water speckled with the dark blue of the algae present on the seabed. Beware of jellyfish which can sometimes wash up on the beaches due to ocean currents.

The Agriates Desert at Dusk

Agriate Desert in Saint Florent, 02/10/2021 Agriate Desert in Saint Florent, 02/10/2021

An Easy Hike

The path is perfectly walkable and flat, presenting no difficulty. However, devoid of shade, it requires significant water resources, and protection for the head and skin exposed to the sun throughout the expedition.

Rivers of Bughju and Santu

Bughju River sign Agriate natural site, Santu River

During the hike, you will cross two rivers that flow into the Tyrrhenian Sea, starting with the Bughju river which runs under the sand, and then the Santu river which requires a mandatory water crossing to traverse this protected site. From this estuary stands out the Mortella Tower.

The route extends along the entire coastline of the Agriates, and it can be extended to the Lotu or Saleccia beach depending on the walkers' wishes. For quieter family walks, however, it should be segmented based on overall fitness levels.

Departure from Fornali after la Roya

Access to the Car Park

To reach the starting point of the hike, follow along la Roya beach which ends with a left turn, then 100 meters further, take a right. From this landmark, count about 2km to reach the parking area, you will transition from a tarmac road to a sometimes slightly degraded dirt track. Follow the road until a 45° turn on the left, then do not take the first right-hand hairpin intersection, but the one that follows 400 meters further on your right.

A slightly sloping dirt area in the middle of the maquis serves as a parking lot. It should be noted that in the summer period, due to lack of space or fear of damaging their vehicles, some vacationers prefer to park their cars at the beginning of the track and continue on foot.

The cove of Fornali, the starting point of the hike, is 100 meters downhill from the parking lot.

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