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Hike to the Cascade des Anglais in Vivario

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Cascade des Anglais
Posted on 18/07/2023 | Updated 1 week ago
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Cascade des Anglais
1.93 km - 1h10 - Altitude : 1165 à 1207m - Elevation : 75m - Difficulty : 2/5
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Setting off from the Col de Vizzavona, this short and immersive hike goes through the Fort de Vaux and crosses the Vizzavona forest up to the Cascade des Anglais, fed by the Agnone river.

Pre-Hike Information

Cascade of the English - Corsica - Vizzavona
Vizzavona Ruins of Fort de Vaux Vizzavona Ruins of Fort of Vizzavona Mount d'Oro Forest of Vizzavona Mount d'Oro Agnone River River of Agnone Corsica River of Agnone River of Agnone Corsica Cascade of the English Vizzavona Agnone Valley Vizzavona Forest in Autumn Forest of Vizzavona in Autumn Mount Monte D'Oro Foggy Corsican Mountain Walk in Vizzavona Hike in Vizzavona Col de Vizzavona

The hike leading to the Cascade des Anglais follows a physically accessible route that, nonetheless, requires firm footing and good shoes due to a path that can be slippery at times and ends with a stony section.

The surroundings of the waterfall are made up of slippery rocks and demand the utmost vigilance given the strong current of the Agnone river rushing down the mountain.

The starting point is on the large car park at Col de Vizzavona, below the Fort de Vaux with the Mount d'Oro in the background.

Climb to the Fort de Vizzavona

The first diversion of the hike is the Fort de Vizzavona or Fort de Vaux, built in 1772. It is reached very quickly within 5 to 10 minutes, faced with a sharp slope strewn with rocks, representing the highest altitude difference of the route.

The view from the ruined fort dominates the Col de Vizzavona to the south, while to the north stands the Mount d'Oro. Here, you are at an altitude of 1207 meters and about to delve into the valley, moving upstream from the Agnone river.

Vizzavona Forest

The second part of the trail takes place in the shade of the foliage of a beech forest. The ground can be slippery, as the soil is often damp and compact. Towards the end, the view opens up and the path becomes more rocky with visible rockfalls, which remind us of the mountain's activity.

Agnone River and Cascade des Anglais - Video

The Cascade des Anglais offers a beautiful spectacle with a waterfall of about 10 meters, carving into the rock and falling into a pozzu (water hole) amidst a loud roar.

On the site, the Agnone is a real torrent that sweeps everything in its path, requiring the utmost caution when approaching it.

Why Cascade des Anglais?

The origin of the name of this waterfall comes from the early British holidaymakers at the dawn of tourism nearly a century ago, and there are other similar names such as the English wood in Ajaccio. Not far from there, the archaeological site of Vizzavona was also discovered by an English archaeologist.

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