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Centuri - Corsica
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The Port of Centuri and its Surroundings

Port Centuri - 16/06/2017
Entrance to Port Centuri - 16/06/2017Port Centuri - 16/06/2017Port Centuri - 16/06/2017Port Centuri - 16/06/2017Port Centuri - 16/06/2017Port Centuri - 16/06/2017Port Centuri - 25/05/2018Port Centuri - 16/06/2016Port Centuri Corsica - 16/06/2016Port Centuri - 15/08/2014

The village of Centuri, located at the western tip of Cap Corse, is known for its small fishing port, which is complemented by numerous hotels and restaurants supplied by the local fishing industry, bringing in the sea's treasures daily: fish, shellfish, and crustaceans, including the renowned Centuri Lobster.

The port is a lively place where the Town Hall of Centuri is also located, along with a harbor master's office. The marine area of Centuri is distinct from the upper part of the village, separated by approximately 4 km.

Saint Anthony Chapel

The Saint Anthony Chapel, facing the sea, is located 50 meters from the Centuri tower.

Saint Anthony Chapel in Centuri, 16/06/2017

Islet of Capense (Capezzu)

Islet Capense in Centuri, 16/06/2017

The islet of Capense resembles a peninsula that erosion has separated from the coast, leaving a few rock formations emerging from the waters over 150 meters. Triangular in shape, the islet of Capense stretches over 200 meters and has some relief, with its highest point at 50 meters. It is forbidden to visit or anchor your boat around it, as access is prohibited to preserve an area for the reproduction of birds such as Seagulls or Cormorants, the islet being an ornithological and botanical reserve.

Islet Capense in Centuri, 15/08/2014Islet Capense in Centuri, 15/08/2014Wooden Cross, the islet in the background - 16/06/2017

Mute Beach and Surrounding Coves

Mute Beach, 16/06/2017

Mute Beach is a cove with a shoreline that stretches for about a hundred meters, next to which lies another stretch of pebble beach. The water here is clear, revealing medium-sized pebbles underneath.

Beach adjacent to Mute Beach in Centuri, with the Islet of Capense in the background, 13/09/2022Small cove near Port Centuri - 16/06/2017

Old Washhouse

Below the Saint Anthony Chapel lies an old washhouse.

Old Washhouse Centuri - 16/06/2017Washhouse Centuri - 16/06/2017

Village View

Centuri Cap Corse - 15/08/2014Centuri Cap Corse - 15/08/2014