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Chez Marc
Published on 28/05/2024 | Updated 3 weeks ago
Restaurant Chez Marc - Dining - Corsica
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Chez Marc
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Facing the port of Centuri, the Bar Glacier and Brasserie Chez Marc offers a variety of dishes made from local produce and seafood. Chez Marc also broadcasts all the year's sporting events on its two large screens.

Bar Glacier and Brasserie at the heart of Centuri port

Terrace of the restaurant Chez Marc in Centuri - Cap Corse

Formerly known as the Bar Dominici since 1935, the Bar Glacier Chez Marc, located on the port of Centuri in Cap Corse, was taken over in 1995 by Marc Albertini, who became its owner in 2010.

Open all year round

Chez Marc operates continuously from 7 AM until 2 AM in the summer, with slightly reduced hours in the winter. The establishment features a bar and two terraces overlooking the fishing port of Centuri.

The establishment, which also holds a type 4 bar license, boasts a dynamic team that creates a friendly atmosphere and pays particular attention to all the year's sporting events, which are broadcast on the establishment's screens.

Restaurant Menu at Chez Marc - 2024 Card

The summer 2024 menu is presented opposite, complemented by daily specials such as prawn pasta or skewers wrapped in grilled pancetta. The menu is slightly reduced in winter, from October until spring.

  • Our Starters
    Corsican charcuterie board
    Coppa, prisuttu, sausage
    Caesar Salad
    Breaded chicken, romaine hearts, tomatoes, parmesan shavings, croutons, Caesar dressing
    Centuri Salad
    Sheep's cheese toasts, grilled pancetta, tomatoes, romaine hearts, apple, Centuri honey
    Fritto Misto with Homemade Aioli
    Fried calamari, prawns
    Stuffed and Gratinated Diana Mussels with Bottarga
    The bottarga comes from "La maison de la Boutargue" near the Biguglia lagoon
    Octopus Salad
    Local catch
  • Our Carpaccios
    Smoked Tuna Carpaccio with Maquis Herbs
    Local catch
    Octopus Carpaccio
    Local catch
    Swordfish Carpaccio
    Local catch
  • Our Wood-Fired Meats (Origin France)
    Ribeye Steak - 350g
    Served with fries and salad
    Homemade bread, fresh ground beef, fresh cheddar, onion, tomato, salad, served with fries and salad
    Chicken Skewer
    Served with fries and salad
  • Our Wood-Fired Fish
    Grilled Lobster with Homemade Aioli
    Served with baked potatoes and salad
    Swordfish Steak - Local Catch
    Served with baked potatoes and salad
    Red Tuna Steak - Local Catch
    Served with baked potatoes and salad
    Octopus Tentacles with Parsley
    Served with baked potatoes and salad
    Grilled Sea Bass 300g/400g
    Served with baked potatoes and salad
    Extra Homemade Sauces: 5 Pepper, Roquefort4.00€
    Extras: Fries, Salad3.00€
  • Diana Mussels Marinière Style
    With fries11.50€
    For the Children
    For the Children
    Fresh ground steak with fries OR Nuggets with fries, 1 flavored syrup with water, one scoop of artisanal ice cream

Local Catch from Centuri - French Meat

Located right next to the fishing port of Centuri, facing the slipway, the restaurant Chez Marc offers you the chance to discover regional products and seafood from Cap Corse, including the local specialty, Centuri lobster, as well as other crustaceans, mollusks, octopus, fish, and shellfish.

The meat is wood-fired and sourced from France, accompanied by Corsican charcuterie and other regional products.

Homemade - Wood-Fired Cooking

Chez Marc offers homemade cuisine and has chosen wood-fired cooking, specifically using embers, for its meats, fish, and shellfish: lobster, fish, tuna, swordfish, calamari, butcher's meat, rib steak, entrecôte, and hamburger steak.

Wood-fired cooking - RestaurantWood-fired meatWood-fired lobsterWood-fired fishWood-fired cooking

Artisanal Ice Creams by Stéphane Mora

Originally an ice cream parlor, Chez Marc offers artisanal ice creams and sorbets by Stéphane Mora, who produces them in Patrimonio and Saint-Florent, as well as Mövenpick ice cream scoops in various flavors.

Restaurant Menu Chez Marc 2024 in Centuri - Cap CorseRestaurant Chez Marc in Centuri, Cap CorseSunset at the restaurant Chez Marc in CenturiEvening aperitif at Chez Marc in Centuri - LN MatteiPrawn pasta, restaurant Chez Marc in CenturiPaella, restaurant Chez Marc in CenturiMussels with rice, restaurant Chez Marc in CenturiSeafood pasta, restaurant Chez Marc in CenturiCarpaccio, restaurant Chez Marc in CenturiGrilled swordfish, restaurant Chez Marc in CenturiWood-fired rib steak, restaurant Chez Marc in CenturiFish carpaccio, restaurant Chez Marc in CenturiChicken skewer, restaurant Chez Marc in CenturiCarpaccio de poulpe, restaurant Chez Marc à CenturiCenturi lobster, restaurant Chez MarcTuna carpaccio, restaurant Chez Marc in CenturiSwordfish carpaccio, restaurant Chez Marc in CenturiPrawn pasta, restaurant Chez Marc in CenturiOctopus salad, restaurant Chez Marc in CenturiSwordfish carpaccio, restaurant Chez Marc in CenturiGrilled wood-fired fish, restaurant Chez Marc in CenturiRib steak with fries, restaurant Chez Marc in CenturiSwordfish, restaurant Chez Marc in CenturiStrawberry tart, restaurant Chez Marc in CenturiChocolate fondant, restaurant Chez Marc in CenturiStéphane Mora ice creams, restaurant Chez Marc in Centuri

Note that the establishment provides a Wi-Fi connection for free internet access, and payments by check, cash, and credit card are accepted.

Broadcasting of Matches and Sporting Events

Focusing on sports news, Chez Marc broadcasts current events (Olympic Games, football matches (World Cup, European Cup), Roland Garros, Tour de France).

The Bar Glacier is equipped with two large screens, one inside and one outside on the terrace, with cable televisions subscribed to all sports channels, ensuring the broadcast of Ligue 1 football matches, national cups, European cups, and international cups, as well as all other sports and competitions, including Rugby, Tennis with Roland Garros, Cycling with the Tour de France, World Cup, Olympic Games, and other televised sporting events.

Address and Contacts

Phone06 21 54 35 32 - 04 95 47 39 77
EmailSend an Email to Chez Marc
AddressPort de Centuri, 20238 Centuri
Opening Time or PeriodOuvert toute l'année - A partir de 7h du matin à 2h
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