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Santo Pietro di Tenda

Santu Petru (di Tenda), 338 Population  0 to 869 meters 12566 hectares

Santo Pietro di Tenda - Corsica

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Largest Commune in Nebbiu

Santo-Pietro-di-Tenda (Santu-Petru-di-Tenda) is the 9th largest commune on the island with its 12,566 hectares. In addition to the historic village, there is the hamlet of Casta, which houses a military zone. The coastline of Santo-Pietro features two paradisiacal beaches with fine sand and turquoise water among the most beautiful on the island.

The Beaches and the Coastline

Saleccia Beach

Saleccia Beach

How to Get to Saleccia

Saleccia Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Every day in summer, thousands of day-trippers and holidaymakers spread their parasols and towels on its white sand.

Stretching over more than a kilometer in a wild nature in the heart of the Agriates Desert, Saleccia Beach with its fine sand and turquoise water offers a true postcard landscape.

Saleccia Beach was also a historical site for the resistance during the Second World War.

Agriates Desert

The Agriates Desert is the link between two regions, Nebbiu and Balagne. Its name comes from the designation by English travelers in the 19th century who observed little life there, actually due to its easy access which made it a strategic landing point for Barbary pirates who raided the island's coastline.

Once a land of cultivation before becoming a pastoral land. The climate is dry and the fires are deadly. The dwellings are rare as it is only traversed by the hamlet of Casta which runs along the departmental road 81. A common spelling error is found in the writing of Agriates Desert, whereas the term Agriate comes from Corsican and is already in the plural and of Latin etymology deriving from agrarian, agricultural.

It is in the Agriates Desert that some of the oldest dolmens (over 7500 years) in the Mediterranean basin were found.

Monte Jenuva

Monte Genova

Monte Jenuva (also spelled Monte Genova) is the highest point of the Agriates Desert, with an altitude of 418 meters.

According to Jean-Michel Casta - author of the book Les Agriate published by Broché in 1999 - the Romans would have dedicated the mountain to Jupiter.

Religious Heritage

Church of Saint John the Evangelist

Church of Saint John the Evangelist

The Church of Saint John the Evangelist is the parish church of Santo-Pietro-di-Tenda and is impressive in size and dimensions worthy of a cathedral. With a height of about 30 meters, it measures approximately 40 meters in length, and is one of the 5 largest religious buildings in Corsica. Its foundation dates back to 1784. The church square also houses the village war memorial.

Its central campanile had a wall clock under the bell tower before the work on the front of the church, which followed a facade renovation in 2016.

Chapel of Saint Sebastian

Chapel of Saint Sebastian

The Chapel of Saint Sebastian is located 500 meters above on the ascent to the Church. It is a small chapel in the center of the village, nestled between houses, and topped with a simple bell tower.

It was a school classroom until 1905, the year marking the law of separation of church and state.

It was rebuilt shortly thereafter and inaugurated in 1906 by the Archpriest of Sainte-Marie in Bastia, Canon Casta, who was originally from Santo Pietro di Tenda.

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