Saleccia Beach in Santo-Pietro-di-Tenda

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Posted on 27/02/2019 | Updated 2200 years ago

Saleccia Beach

Saleccia Beach is a prime destination in the region, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica, and it is highly popular among boaters and summer visitors who flock here by the thousands during the peak of summer.

Stretching over more than a kilometer of white sand bordered by clear turquoise water, the beach reveals not only the most fearless fish but also starfish further offshore.

Three ways to reach Saleccia

Access by the track

Saleccia Beach, like Lotu Beach, is accessible by a 12 km dirt track that crosses the Agriate Desert. The path splits towards the end, with Saleccia on the left and Lotu on the right.

The start of the track is located at the beginning of the Agriate Desert, about 3.5 km after the hamlet of Casta when coming from Saint-Florent.

The track is bumpy and difficult to navigate by car; it is recommended to go down in a 4x4, quad, or two-wheeler. Given the condition of the road, it takes about 40 minutes to reach the beaches by your own means. 4x4 rental companies offer to make the trip.

Access by sea

Throughout the summer, two shuttles depart from the port of Saint-Florent, operating 7 days a week. The red-hulled boat Le Popeye and the blue-hulled boat U Saleccia leave every hour from 9 am until the evening, with respective capacities of 97 and 220 passengers. These are 16 and 22 meters long vessels (the latter having an upper deck), providing stability on the water for those prone to seasickness. It takes 20 minutes to cross to Lotu Beach and an additional 5 minutes to reach Saleccia Beach.

See the official website to contact the shuttles and reserve your seats on the Popeye.

Access by the coast - Hiking

For hikers, it is possible to walk the track, but the dust raised by passing vehicles and the scenery do not compare to another hiking route that reaches Lotu and Saleccia beaches via the coast from Anse de Fornali by following the customs officers' path at Saint-Florent. Plan for several hours of walking as well as good equipment, food, and water.

Some Recommendations

Forget the idea of finding shady spots and plan to bring parasols, plenty of water in both summer and winter, a hat, a cap, and sunscreen, especially for mountain biking enthusiasts or hikers who need to be even better equipped.

During the Second World War

Scene from the movie - The Longest Day - filmed at Saleccia

It was on Saleccia Beach that the submarine Casabianca - now displayed at Saint-Nicolas Square in Bastia - enabled the delivery of weapons to the resistance in September 1943.

Filming Scene

Another notable event, Saleccia Beach was chosen to shoot scenes of the Normandy landing for the American film The Longest Day, as the Normandy beaches were too altered. Released in 1961, it was the most expensive film of its time.

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