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A Bastella
Published on 04/06/2023 | Updated 1 year ago
Pizzeria A Bastella - Dining - Corsica
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At A Bastella, the cuisine is practiced with passion using products from its own garden, supplemented with quality local products up to Corsican wheat. Franck busies himself daily from 2pm preparing sauces and toppings for his pizzas with seasonal ingredients. Open every evening except Sunday, enjoy wood-fired pizza in Lucciana near Casamozza.

Order your pizza by SMS or phone


By SMS between 2pm and 6pm. Phone calls after 6pm.

For your convenience, contact Franck by SMS from 2pm to 6pm to place your order and choose the time to pick up your pizzas. After 6pm, please contact him only by phone, allow at least 1 hour waiting time.

Wood-fired pizza - Corsican wheat flour

Open every evening except Sunday, A Bastella is located on the edge of the RN 193 in a prefab 1km before the Casamozza roundabout. Since 2010, Franck Meschini makes pizzas and bastelle (galettes) with Corsican wheat flour Alalia, but also crepes, doughnuts, and drinks, every evening from Monday to Saturday.

Pizza remains the main order, generously topped with ingredients whose quality you will surely appreciate in taste. A Bastella selects fresh, seasonal, and regional products, sometimes directly sourced from Franck's garden (zucchini, basil, bay leaf, tomatoes, eggplants, ...), whose menu and pizza of the day vary according to the season's produce and fish arrivals.

The sourdough - just like the pizza dough - is made with Corsican wheat flour sourced from Aleria.

Daily and seasonal ingredients

The ingredients used for the pizzas and bastelle are selected for their proximity and quality, day by day. Frank does not hesitate to change and adjust according to a Corsican cheese, charcuterie, or any other product that a producer offers him, providing each pizza and bastelle with new flavors.

A pizza of the day is featured daily. On Friday evening, it includes seafood or fresh fish depending on the local catch.

From 2pm, Franck begins cooking his fillings and working on the dough so that everything is perfectly ready for the evening.

A Bastella Pizza Menu - Summer 2024

The pizza menu varies between seasonal vegetables, Corsican cheese, charcuterie, meat, fish, tomato sauce or cream. Pizza and bastelle are cooked over a wood fire.

  • Pizza Menu 1/2
    QueenTomato sauce or cream, cheese, cooked ham, fresh mushrooms, olives10€
    DaisyTomato sauce, emmental cheese, olives9€
    NustraleFresh sheep or goat cheese, refined Corsican cheeses14€
    4 cheesesTomato sauce or cream, roquefort, goat cheese, emmental, mozzarella12€
    ParmigianaTomato sauce, eggplant, parmesan, cheese12€
    VegetarianTomato sauce, eggplant, parmesan, cheese12€
    ZucchettaTomato sauce, eggplant, zucchini, peppers, Swiss chard, cheese12€
    SalmonSmoked salmon, cream, spinach, goat cheese, cheese12€
    BastiaiseAnchovies, bell pepper, pesto, tomato sauce, cheese12€
    Pizza saladAnchovies, caramelized onions10€
    MignoneCream, minced pork, pancetta, parmesan, cheese12€
    CaprettaGoat cheese, honey, pancetta, cheese12€
    TexTomato sauce, merguez sausage, chicken, bell pepper, spices, cheese12€
    SupremeCream, chicken, goat cheese, cheese12€
  • Fresh Pizza Menu 2/2
    BologneseTomato sauce, minced meat (veal or beef), cheese14€
    PaellaCream, chicken, chorizo, mussels, shrimps, spices, cheese14€
    MeltingCream, 3 cheese crust, cooked ham, cheese12€
    SunflowerTomato sauce, salad, raw ham, melon12€
    ArrabiataTomato sauce, chorizo, cheddar12€
    MozzarellaTomatoes, basil, olives10€
    Mixed grillChicken, pork, merguez, pancetta, homemade ketchup15€
    CalzoneTomato sauce, cooked ham, mushrooms, egg, cheese10€
    HawaiiChicken, pineapple, curry, cream, cheese12€
    TartufataTruffle cream, cream, ricotta, pancetta, truffle oil14€
    ScacciaSwiss chard, onions10€
    Niçoise freshnessSalad, potatoes, tuna, anchovies, peppers, egg, tomatoes14€
    Greek freshnessFeta, onions, salad, raw ham, olives, tomatoes14€

Weekend Specials: Bastelle - Migliaccioli

Corsican Wheat Pancakes
Basque: Chicken, peppers, tomato, cream9€
Complete: Ham, mushrooms, egg
Nustrale: Ham

The "bastelle" are small Corsican pancakes composed of Swiss chard and fresh cheese that Franck prepares based on available ingredients.

A Bastella also offers Corsican specialties like "migliaccioli", as well as a menu of sweet and savory crêpes, and waffles, available for dine-in or take-out on Thursday, Friday, Saturday upon request. Both checks and cash are accepted.

Address and Contacts

Phone06 14 48 93 02
EmailSend an Email to A Bastella
AddressLieu-dit Precoggio, 20290 Lucciana
Opening Time or PeriodOpen every evening from Monday to Saturday
Winter from 6pm to 10pm - Summer from 6pm to midnight
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