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Published on 14/04/2016 | Updated 11 months

The Agnone restaurant in Lucciana

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Restaurant in Lucciana since 1996

Find a cosy corner next to the chimney in the Agnone restaurant. Celebrating 20 years in business on the 9 April 2016. Open all year round every day except Sunday. On the RN 93 in Lucciana, on the right coming from Bastia towards Corte. The Agnone has an inside dining room and an outside terrace for 30. On the first floor there is a room that can be reserved in advance for birthdays or other celebrations.

Traditional corsican home cooking

The Agnone offers traditional cooking with such staples as cheese fritters, cannelloni, frappe, Figatellu Corsican liver sausage, Polenta, wild boar pate with myrtle and corsican eau de vie. The restaurant also has a children’s set menu and two different corsican set menus :

Fishing of the day

The menu also changes according to the local catch of the day including shell fish. On the menu you may find sea bass sea bream, swordfish, sole or stuffed mussels.

Raclette and fondues

Corsica may not be the Savoy region but we still have raclette and fondues on our menu in winter as in summer. Fondue Savoyard, Bourguignon, Royale or Marine or Raclette with an assortment of traditional cured meat.

Agnone Menu - Summer 2019

  • Starters
    Salade de Poulpes12,90€Salade l'Agnòne11,50€
    Hot goats cheese salad12,50€Diana oysters (the 6)13,00€
    Grilled oysters with Muscat16,50€Assortment of dried hams11,50€
    Wild boar pate10,50€Bastia mussels12,50€
    Anchovies with chopped parsley and garlic10,50€Donuts filled with zucchini10,50€
    Homemade fish soup9,90€Grilled peppers with anchovies10,90€
    Eggs with cured ham10,50€Colette with soft cheese and mint10,50€
  • Cooked dishes
    Cannelloni with meat12,00€Wild boar casserole16,50€
    Squid in red wine sauce17,50€ Tripe (cows stomach)16,50€
    Sauteed veal with green olives16,50€Ravioli au stufatu15,50€
    Pasta with salmon and soft cheese15,20€Chard and soft cheese balls15,50€
    Ravioli with pesto14,90€Local pork belly specialty17,90€
    Grilled Corsican liver sausage with soft cheese and polenta19,90€
  • Meat
    Grilled rib steak17,50€Rib steak with Roquefort or green pepper sauce19,50€
    Duck breast with chestnut honey25,00€Steak tartare17,50€
    Grilled sea bass19,90€Grilles sea bream19,90€
    Grilled sword fish23,50€
  • Fondues and raclettes
    Du Pot (chicken)19,90€Queen (3 meat)24,50€
    Marine38,00€Duck breast25,00€
  • Desserts
    Corsican cheeses with fig jam8,20€Fresh fruit salad5,90€
    Fondue with dark or white chocolate or caramel8,50€Crème brûlée6,40€
    Banana Split8,40€Tiramisu8,50€
    Profiteroles8,50€Melting chocolate cake6,80€
    Creamy chestnut cake7,10€Coffe chocolate sundae8,90€
    Homemade icecream (the ice ball)2,40€

The menu including raclette and fondues, starters, main dishes, meat, fish and the home made desserts (except ice cream). The restaurant accepts payment by credit card, cash and French holiday checks.

Corsican set Menu à 20,50 €
Pastoreccia salad or assortment of dried hams
Ravioli in sauce or corsican liver sausage
Pears in wine or corscian cheesecake
Corsican set Menu 24,50 €
Fish soup or stuffed mussels
Grilled sea bream or salmon ravioli
Pears in wine or corsian cheesecake

The panzoarotti with your coffee are on the house.

Rapid midday menu

A midday menu is available from Monday to Saturday for passing business clients who are in a hurry. A set menu with main dish, dessert and coffee for a fixed price of 14,50€.

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