The Agnone restaurant in Lucciana

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Published on 14/04/2016 | Updated 1 year ago
Restaurant L'Agnòne - Dining - Corsica
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Les travaux qui jouxtent le restaurant ne concernent pas l'établissement, ouvert midi et soir

The l'Agnòne Restaurant is a must-visit establishment in Lucciana, founded in 1996, where everything is homemade. During the winter, the restaurant offers a raclette or fondue menu.

A Restaurant in Lucciana Since 1996

Restaurant l'Agnone

Open every day except Sunday, the l'Agnòne restaurant is located in Lucciana on RT 20, heading towards Casamozza near the airport roundabout.

The establishment, which celebrated its 25th anniversary on April 9, 2021, has a room and a 30-seat terrace. Upstairs, another room allows for the celebration of birthdays and receptions upon reservation.

Corsican Specialties and Traditional Cuisine

The menu displays Corsican specialties that change according to the season: cheese fritters, panzarotti, cannelloni, frappe, pulenta and figatellu in winter, wild boar terrines with myrtle and Corsican brandy.

Charcuterie plate agnone

Catch of the Day

The restaurant also offers cuisine focused on the sea with fresh fish and seafood depending on arrivals: sea bass, sea bream, swordfish, sole, mussels, and oysters from the Diana pond.

Raclette and Fondue

Corsica may not be Savoy, but l'Agnòne takes on its accents every winter until May 31st with a raclette and fondue formula.

You will have the choice between a raclette with accompaniments, Corsican cheese and charcuterie, or you could be tempted by a fondue recipe: Savoyard, Burgundy, Royal or Marine.

Menu of l'Agnòne - 2024 Card

  • Starters
    Octopus Salad14.90€Corsican Soup11.50€
    Pastoreccia Salad12.90€Diana Oysters (6 pieces)13.00€
    Muscat Gratinated Oysters16.50€Cold Cuts Platter14.50€
    Homemade Wild Boar Terrine11.50€Brocciu and Mint Omelette10.50€
  • Cooked Dishes
    Brocciu and Meat Cannelloni14.00€Wild Boar Stew17.90€
    Squid in Sauce18.50€Homemade Tripe17.90€
    Veal Tianu with Green Olives17.90€Stufatu Ravioli17.00€
    Salmon and Brocciu Pasta15.20€Storzapretti15.50€
    Pesto Ravioli14.90€Grilled Figatellu, Seasonal Pulenta and Brocciu19.90€
  • Meats
    Grilled Rib Steak19.50€Rib Steak with Roquefort or Green Pepper21.50€
    Honey Chestnut Duck Breast25.00€Steak Tartare18.00€
    Grilled Sea Bream Fillet23.50€Grilled Swordfish24.50€
  • Fondue and Raclette
    Chicken Pot20.50€Royal (3 meats)24.50€
    Seafood (on order)38.00€Duck Breast25.00€
    All-you-can-eat Raclette24.50€
  • Homemade Desserts
    Corsican Cheeses and Fig Jam8.20€Floating Island5.80€
    Dark, White or Caramel Chocolate Fondue8.50€Crème Brûlée6.40€
    Banana Split8.30€Tiramisu8.50€
    Profiteroles8.50€Chocolate Lava Cake7.50€
    Chestnut Soft Cake7.10€Chocolate Liégeois Coffee8.90€
    Homemade Ice Cream (per scoop)2.40€Fiadone6.50€

The coffees come with a complimentary panzarottu. The restaurant accepts payments by credit card, cash and holiday vouchers. Prices are subject to change.

Address and Contacts

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AddressRN 193, 20290 Lucciana
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