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Thematic Maps of Corsica - Google Maps

Map of Island Activities

The island's economic activity is rich in diversity and ancient know-how, delighting both tourists in search of authenticity and curiosity and locals looking for a return to their roots.

The map presents all the activities through an interactive Google Map.

See the Google Map of activities in Corsica

Map of the Island's Monuments

Corsica is full of historical remnants, its architectural, religious, or military monuments testify through the ages. Not a village, not a coast without traces of this past and this memory that curiosity revives.

Google Map will spark interest in places through the island's history and awaken curiosity.

See the Google Map history and heritage of the island

Map of Hiking Trails in Corsica

Find the map of hikes to do in Corsica on a Google Map to be completed.

See the Google Map of island hikes

Map of Playgrounds and Sports Complexes

Parks and playgrounds for children from 2 years old. Municipal football, basketball, and handball courts

Find the map of playgrounds in Corsica through this Google Map.

See the Google Map of playgrounds